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While many influential men invited their fellow citizens to look no longer at Europe but at the United States as a role model of progress, other persuasive figures reconsidered a more traditional, European-like model, mainly after disseminating the idea that the Anglo-Americans' "Manifest Destiny" was "to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions" ("Annexation", 1845: 5).
The assumption that varying outdoor conditions, such as lighting, overspread the information contained in the log end faces is only partially true because the conditions in image acquisition in Sawmill 1 and Sawmill 2 were the same, and hardly any identification by means of image measures could be achieved.
I vow to hie me home to Mexico, To troop myself with such a crew of men As shall so fill the downs of Africa, Like to the plains of watery Thessaly, Whenas an eastern gale whistling aloft Hath overspread the ground with grasshoppers.
1) Even the local hidden-variable ensemble interpretations, favored by Einstein, are still not ruled out, despite an overspread belief on the contrary.
Speed goes on: ''The ground thus travelling, was about 26 acres, which opening itself with rocks and all, bare the earth before it for four hundred yards space without any stay, leaving that which was pasturage in place of the tillage and the tillage overspread with pasturage.
I may say that for 6 Months before I was taken ill I had not passed a tranquil day-Either that gloom overspread me or I was suffering under some passionate feeling, or if I turn'd to versify that acerbated the poison of either sensation.
For Neal, Wyclif was the venerable enemy of bad religion: "This Wickliffe was a wonderful man for the times in which he lived, which were overspread with the thickest darkness of antichristian idolatry.
She stopt, and the deepest vermillion overspread her face; her effort was made; she had boasted of her new doctrine .
We're seeing heavier snow overspread the region from South to North," said Lance Franck, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Taunton, Massachusetts, outside Boston.
THIRD WAVE : "It is our Manifest Destiny to overspread the continent allowed by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions" (360).
The book has much to offer, although it does not fulfill the promise at the outset of analyzing how "America's manifest destiny to overspread the continent became its manifest destiny to face the issue of slavery" (xiv).