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This was the immoral analogue to the doctrine of total depravity, according to which, in Hooker's rendition, the fallen human will was "totally infected with corruption, which overspreads the whol man.
Midwest farm kids both my folks initiated us early to the mysterious rites of May, when the corn first sends its green shoot up through the good black earth--a little, vegetable maypole--and the green haze of crops gradually overspreads our Grant Wood hillsides.
In one commentary on Confucius, for instance, it is recounted that the Master felt of the Sage-king that "his fame overspreads the Middle Kingdom, and extends to all barbarous tribes .
His Footstool (kursi) overspreads the heavens and the earth, and their protection wearies Him not.
A century ago, Tyndall wrote: "Remove for a single summer night the aqueous vapour from the air that overspreads this country, and you would assuredly destroy every plant capable of being destroyed by a freezing temperature.
Since American Judaism divides itself into Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative Judaisms, and since Zionism overspreads the entire Judaic framework, we may once more conclude that we form a backwater, a religio-cultural dependency of German ,Judaism of a century ago.
Man stands upon that heap and the Tree of Life overspreads him.
If we wait 30 to 40 years to address the problem, we may begin to experience a series of crop failures as desertification overspreads the American breadbasket.
It would be easy enough to lament the parochial flavour that overspreads this volume and the larger project of which it is a part.
In unobtrusive fashion, historical information from time to time overspreads the screen, helpfully establishing context for what we are watching.
It is the Band's first clue that something is wrong with Rivers: "I have noticed / That when the name of God is spoken of/ A most strange blankness overspreads his face" (III.