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The letter acknowledged that an implicit concern of the exposure draft is that enterprises might overstate tax benefits by making unreasonable assumptions about audit detection risks or taking speculative positions.
For example, the firm might overstate the income of a foreign subsidiary located in a low-tax country.
And thus there is a possibility that at the local level, these figures may overstate what is going on.
That overstates the case, because the center layer is "diluted" with 40% flash, only part of which was originally PCR.
said Wednesday that it plans to restate its earnings from 2001 because an accounting error led the company to overstate its earnings by up to 35 percent.
Using acquisition accounting to overstate future earning.
The idea that environmentalists might overstate the problem for reasons of their own is not even contemplated, much less explored.
com said Thursday that accounting errors caused them to overstate revenue for the first three quarters of last year by $113 million.
One of the Hollywood Ten'' dramatizes what went into making the film, and even if it may overstate the issue somewhat, it's nonetheless true that making the film took a considerable amount of courage and, yes, patriotism.
The CPI Revision Commission estimates that these well-known (to economists) biases cause the CPI to overstate inflation by a ``best estimate'' of 1.
The Complaint alleges that these statements were materially false and misleading because they failed to disclose and/or misrepresented the following adverse facts, among others: (1) that the Company's materially overstated its net income for the first three quarters of 2004 and financial periods prior to 2004; (2) that the Company's financial statements were not prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ("GAAP"); (3) that the Company lacked adequate internal controls and was therefore unable to ascertain the true financial condition of the Company; and (4) that as a result, the value of the Company's net income and financial results were materially overstate at all relevant times.
It said: "Confidence is undermined if the Government is unrealistically optimistic or overstates the difficulties.