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The FDA said slides from Novartis for Focalin XR overstated the drug's efficacy and broadened its approved uses.
Projecting a virtual presence is indeed possible, but so long as we insist on the necessity of face-to-face gatherings and the overstated value of sprawling physical facilities, we are not likely to direct adequate resources and attention toward implementing true net centricity.
We investigate two questions: (1) Did firms that overstated their accounting earnings pay income taxes on the earnings overstatements?
As a result, James' net worth is overstated by approximately $10,600 (excess of the inflated values over those according to Kelley's Blue Book).
The final proof the value assigned the covenant was overstated was the parties' failure to allocate anything to the intangible assets, which the appraiser had given such a high value.
The department said the guarantee period for the overstated cars will be shortened by 10 to 25 days because the days of purchase were advanced.
The overstated figures misled advertisers as to the number of potential customers ads could attract and inflated advertising costs.
Housing benefit subsidy income overstated by pounds 2 million.
Prudential overstated revenues by more than $200 million from 2000 to 2002 and Gen Re was paid $8.
The authors also make overstated claims about the impact of Britain's "Next Steps Initiative" (NSI), under which most of the British civil service has been transformed into a set of special quasi-independent service agencies.
Released in early December, it argues that the consumer price index has been significantly overstated at least since the 1970s and should be revised.