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During the third quarter of 2019 fiscal year, there was an accounting error that created duplicate entries resulting in an overstatement of revenue for the period.
Tony Kirkham, director of resources at Newcastle council, said: "We have undertaken a significant internal and external audit into this area and we are now confident that there is no loss of money to the council but we have had an overstatement in relation to the balance sheet.
guidelines, and the overstatement was a result of a data processing error.
Previously, it had estimated the overstatement at Au250 million.
A spokesman said: "We have asked three employees to step aside to facilitate the investigation into the potential overstatement of profits in UK food for the first half of the year.
The report says that cheques worth ` 2,667 crore were not encashed at all as on March 31, 2013 that led to overstatement of expenditure
The Bishkek construction authorities did not control road construction by the Mostdorstroi Ltd, resulting in overstatement of construction costs for more than 4.235 million som.
One contentious issue in this area surrounds the overstatement of basis specifically, does the IRS have the ability in such cases to extend the state of limitations from three years to six?
According to the head of the Regional Agricultural Development department (CRDA), contacted by TAP news agency "teams dispatched on the site have spotted small groups of desert locusts in the towns of Hazoua, Chbika and DegE che,but the news shared on social networks speaking of clouds of locusts are an overstatement and the situation is not that alarming."
6501(e) (1)(A), which extends the three-year statute of limitation for assessing a deficiency against a taxpayer to six years where the taxpayer omits from gross income an amount in excess of 25% of the amount of gross income stated in a return, does not apply to an understatement of gross income due to a taxpayer's overstatement of basis on a return.
Honda Motor Co.'s settlement of a class-action suit by hybrid owners over the Japanese carmaker's alleged overstatement of gas mileage won approval from a California state judge in San Diego on Saturday.
has disclosed practices and procedures that led to an overstatement in circulation, primarily in single copy.