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The wits would perform the office of introduction with overcharged pomp and politeness, but they could not easily overstep his sense of its gravity.
This new sense of her relation to Philip nullified the anxious scruples she would otherwise have felt, lest she should overstep the limit of intercourse with him that Tom would sanction; and she put out her hand to him, and felt the tears in her eyes without any consciousness of an inward check.
and if you overstep it, maybe you will be still unhappier.
If he oversteps the bounds he must pay the penalty.
PPP co-chairman said fighting militancy and corruption are laudable aims and must be pursued with vigor but let not altruism be used as an excuse to overstep the constitutional limits and authority.
However, he understands it has helped former or current teammates, and he is happy for it to continue - as long as they do not overstep the mark.
In order to not overstep the boundaries of the professional conduct of journalists and editors, to prevent possible tendentious lynch of any public person, certain legal solutions that will not be criminal act are probable.
Some institutions, politicians, even media can overstep.