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Clarke said: "If someone overstepped the mark in the last series, it was me.
The poster rule is a prime example of the aggressive agenda pursued by the NLRB in recent years, and the court has correctly decided that the Board has overstepped its authority.
ECP overstepped its powers by inserting empty box, petition further said.
LORD Rennard possibly overstepped the mark with his behaviour towards some women, a senior ally said yesterday.
The governor of the central bank of Hungary has denied that the bank overstepped its authority in relation to the handing over certain data to the IMF.
Beijing, May 18 (Xinhua-ANI): China on Friday refuted the accusation from India that Chinese armed forces had overstepped the boundary between the two countries.
Summary: Madrid - The Spanish popular party (PP-opposition) is alarmingly mistaken in its approach towards Morocco and the Sahara issue, said Luis Maria Anson, member of the Spanish Royal Academy, noting that the party has overstepped the boundaries of political common sense.
claimed that the City Council had overstepped its rights when it approved the Coney Island rezoning plan in July 2009 and argued that the environmental ramifications of the Coney development were not thoroughly researched.
I recognise I overstepped the mark and have apologised unreservedly.
A BBC spokeswoman said: "We do feel that the programme overstepped the mark.
Mullen admitted: "I probably overstepped the mark by encroaching on to the pitch and the referee had to make a decision.
But surely he has overstepped the mark by blasting the integrity of referees supremo Keith Hackett, claiming he rescinded the card because it impacted negatively on Manchester United.