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His conclusions were based on the data at hand; he never overstepped this boundary.
Many Anglicans also wondered if the primates had not overstepped their bounds, interfering with the work of a group that does not report to them.
Caroline Tellwright says McCain overstepped the mark with his comments I KNOW Ginger McCain is a very knowledgeable person, but I think he really has overstepped the mark with his comment that horses do not win the Grand National ridden by women.
The White House, he writes, has gone well beyond historical precedent, and overstepped even constitutional bounds.
Critics have charged that Richardson has overstepped the rote of an interim president with his bold actions.
She was a "Marble Woman," lacking all proper feminine emotions, a sexual aggressor who overstepped gender boundaries.
While the article focused on the taxation of different retirement investment alternatives, it overstepped its bounds by deviating to discuss the characteristics of such alternate investments other than taxation.
In addition, lawyers claim that state education officials overstepped their authority when they required students to pass the math and English exams to get a diploma.
She denies published reports indicating DeBeers had overstepped the boundaries of the MOU from exploration work into the development stage.
Although the Court disagreed with industry's challenge that EPA exceeded its authority in setting the air standards, the Court did decide that the agency overstepped its regulatory authority in attempting to impose the new ozone standard.
When Kant claims that practical reason necessarily leads to a belief in God, Bryne argues that the master has overstepped the evidence provided by moral experience.
On the other hand, National Ballet lawyer David Cowling said the judicial review was necessary because Albertyn had overstepped his bounds by impinging on the rights of an artistic director.