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During the hearing, Mrs James said in hindsight she realised she had overstepped the mark.
But a furious Lo Monaco insisted they overstepped the mark.
It adds: "Cllr Holbrook accepts he overstepped the mark in accusing the Mayor of abusing his position and bringing the Mayor's Office into disrepute, and has apologised for those remarks.
But he overstepped the mark by telling us that one particular player hadn't scored the previous week as reported in the press - but that he had in the nightclub on the Friday night
Now that he has overstepped the mark aren't we just a little bit guilty too?
He knew the comments were disgusting as he kept saying, 'I've overstepped the mark again'.
CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: "Postcomm has seriously overstepped the mark with its proposals.
Ms Emily Richmond, CPRE spokesman said: "Local authorities all over the country are busy preparing plans for quarrying based on old guidance which overstepped the mark in its forecasts for demand for sand, gravel and crushed rock.
But this time he has overstepped the mark with what he said about Tim.
We are now moving into a period where we will be contacting those who we believe have overstepped the mark and discussing with them how this can be put right.
But to slam Wallace Mercer for trying to take over Hibs and say he didn't like the former Hearts chief because of his attitude and his politics overstepped the mark.
A BBC spokeswoman said: "We do feel that the programme overstepped the mark.