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People who are too focused on their prayer, also overstrain. Like the prophets of Baal, they think that by their bellowing and boisterous pleas, fire shall come down from heaven.
Citizens who do not wish to overstrain themselves are advised to descend via the shorter Shiliao Trail, and take a break at the elephant sculpture.
Frequent repetition of this type of movements, together with strained, so called S-position of cervical part of the spine during work, leads to overstrain in the lumbar part [4].
In Chronic Heart Disease, exertion, overstrain or cold wind and temperature can create symptoms of tiredness, fluid in the lung, coldness symptoms, sputum production, cough, rapid breathing, nausea and abdominal spasm, no appetite, mental disturbances, insomnia and restless sleep, and fear.
This medicinal plant has been traditionally used to treat overstrain and weakness.
TFCC lesions are likely caused by trauma or overstrain. Due to the complexity of the TFCC [6, 7] and the variety of potential lesions, image-based diagnosis is often difficult [8, 9], which has implications for daily life and work ability of the affected patients [10].
Common injuries due to poor ergonomics at dental offices usually affects the back, neck, and upper limb and are mainly caused by repetition and overstrain at tendons and joints, unbalanced and prolonged postures, chronic inflammation, and weakness [4].
Effort capacity is reduced in this period by the restriction to overstrain and to the action of disruptive factors 'action in the external environment, sclerosing phenomena quicken, functional ability of sense organs and nervous system decrease, muscle mobility and speed also decrease (Dictionar de Pedagogie, 1980).
When we concentrate on moving from the core, we cannot overstretch or overstrain our bodies.
"The concentration of economic and foreign policy power on Mohammed bin Salman contains the latent danger that, in an attempt to establish himself in the royal succession while his father is still alive, he could overreach with expensive measures or reforms that would unsettle other members of the royal family and the population," the memo commented, adding, "That could overstrain the relations to friendly and, above all, to allied states in the region."