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In the end, Pointner's desire not to overstrain his readings logically may be what leads him to, as he says, 'overstrain the argument'.
If they overstrain themselves, they make new enemies.
Against this background the growth problem is not the fundamental one of income versus leisure, but how to keep demand and potential output roughly in balance without undesired idleness or inflationary overstrain.
A THOUGH not in pain, he could potentially overstrain one of the legs by putting too much pressure on the non limping leg, which could lead to arthritis.
The arguments on the appropriate sequencing of macro-economic reform and liberalization policies show that liberalization of goods markets, of the domestic capital market, and of long-term capital flows can be expected to improve rather than to overstrain the capacity for real adjustment.
This leads us to conclude that patients with slight to moderate cognitive impairment require treatment programmes that activate but do not overstrain the patient's capabilities.
Stress can overstrain the endocrine (ductless) glands of which the adrenals are important members, and this in turn can cause digestive upset and the slowing down or even stopping of coprophagy.
The standard is invoked again when Aristotle discusses actions done in circumstances which "overstrain" human nature: "On some actions praise indeed is not bestowed, but pardon is, when one does what he ought not under pressure which overstrains human nature and which no one could withstand.
The spectre of budget overstrain frowned down from the one head, the cold threat of obsolete technology from the other.
Does the West want to overstrain the Soviet Union economically by accelerating the arms race?