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In this article, we presented three mHealth deployments in India, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, where we introduced technologies for health workers in understaffed and overstrained work environments to improve the allocation of their time and skills.
PARIS (TAP)- Stocks and the euro plunged on Thursday amid warnings about growth and overstrained European banks exposed to the Greek-eurozone debt crisis, and after a US boost to the economy fell flat.
After a decade of lavish spending, the Pentagon is now left with an aging fleet of weapon systems, an overstrained force, out-of-control personnel and healthcare costs, and no idea of how to prepare for tomorrow's wars.
It urged rich countries to secure the economic recovery, arguing that the resources of poor states were already overstrained by the last two years of the economic crisis, which has hit exports and worker remittances.
I have judged, indeed, by the wild overstrained vivacity with which
Citino's thesis that Germany's traditional way of war was systemically overstrained by the invasion of Russia is best argued from the military side.
No question, Bellotti didn't always enjoy dealing with the myriad issues on his desk every day, or trying to balance an overstrained budget in uncertain economic times.
This might explain why many patients at the beginning of feeling exhausted are overstrained in clearly distinguishing fatigue from other disease factors, which in turn, points to the necessity of the treating physician to directly ask for those symptoms.
This can greatly relieve the pressure on the overstrained infrastructure, services and resources of the large cities by deflecting the fold of migrants and helping to disperse the clustering of industrial and commercial activities.
Given that this is an attempt to drum up American support, it is odd that James should also have this to say about war, about what it can do to the English language: "The war has used up words; they have weakened, they have deteriorated like motor car tires; they have, like millions of other things, been more overstrained and knocked about and voided of the happy semblance during the last six months than in all the long ages before, and we are now confronted with a depreciation of all our terms, or, otherwise speaking, with a loss of expression through increase of limpness, that may well make us wonder what ghosts will be left to walk" ("Henry James's First Interview").
Multi-physics will mutate from an occasionally overstrained catchword to a term that no longer can be imagined not to be there.