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But the downside is that the process is unorganised and is creating an enormous amount of tension and overstrained societies.
The four road arteries lead to the central area, thus generating a radiating concentric structure of the road network, similar to a "bulb" (GUP, 1999), where the traffic is overstrained, and towards the north and the south the road network has a longitudinal structure with a total length of approximately 12 kilometers.
However, what's less obvious is the fact that Ward's swift return to the field is largely due to a PRP injection into his overstrained MCL.
SAGITTARIUS Nov 22- Dec 21 You may feel full of energy today, but don't get overstrained in your excitement.
These frontline workers are employed in understaffed and overstrained work environments that place excessive demands on their time and expertise.
While Lebanon has maintained an open-border policy since the outset of the Syrian Crisis, our hospitality and the welcoming nature of our people have become overstretched and overstrained.
Some mild postshow painkillers might have been a good idea, for as long as one hasn't been living under a rock for the past decade or so, one was sure to exit the theater with aching jaws and overstrained ears.
The pressure on the already overstrained grid was further aggravated by the presence of more than 1.
This will not cause a high level of turnover intention if employees receive appropriate care, encouragement and support from employers, comfortable and satisfactory working conditions, the possibility of exerting influence on organizational issues, safety, and protection of the overstrained and not challenged (Perez, 2008).
The feature that makes this hamlet concept so attractive is that it can be imitated in any urban setting by neighbors building bonds with one another, collaboratively growing food in neighborhood gardens, making optimal use of their local resources, and lightening their footprint on our overstrained ecosystem.
Fortunately the overstrained older brother narrator has a pet dog for a friend to help him express the outrageousness of life with a sibling like "My Sister Sophie.
Such claims to innovation can feel overstrained, as also with Shields's parallel assertion that existing scholarship has "tended to relegate discourses of feeling to the domestic and familial much as Scotland has been relegated to the margins of British studies" (8).