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s] level in case of strain increase, is not excluded, because microplastic deformation will occur in the most overstrained microareas at lower [[tau].
Hopkins's summary judgment on the passage in "Tristitia" is that it is "the lovely expression of an overstrained mood and, what is so common, an insight coupled with an oversight" (Further Letters 342).
Sometimes both the individual families and the state are overstrained, and there are no easy solutions.
As a result, the left muscle was being overstrained, causing his heart to pump at a dangerously high rate.
For this reason, a validation set is used in an attempt to try and prevent the SVM becoming overstrained on the training data, and the faults contained.
He was invited to an evening at the Duke of Devonshire's, where he was struck by the beauty not only of the girls but of the men, and with quiet irony--it is surely that--he added, 'no overstrained bodily exertion, and very rarely a mental care, interrupts the regular development of beauty, and its longer preservation'.
Mc Cormack (in a considerably overstrained introduction), this slender recollection has been expanded into a slender volume by the addition of some historical and folkloric notes.
Now, President Bush has indicated that he will accept jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and has proposed the establishment of a 75,000-man UN army called the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), to be funded and equipped largely from the already overstrained U.
Understand pressure points in overstrained systems and;
Usually, shared kitchen and lavatory facilities were overstrained and badly installed, causing serious problems to human and building health.
There's not a lot you can do to prevent normal ageing, especially in those two overstrained parts - your neck and lumbar region.
The problem with the military life is that they are terribly overstrained and overstressed.