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Furthermore, interest is at fault for the overstraining of our environment, the raping of resources and for the widening gap between rich and poor.
In pipes, which have already been in operation for some time, the process of over-straining should be repeated, since the stresses and the hardening introduced by overstraining will undergo relaxation during pipe operation.
Therefore, it is important that the applied stress be carefully monitored or controlled during installation to avoid overstraining the liner.
It incorporates a sense of balance and proportion to avoid overstraining any one region of the body, and calls for rhythmic variation of the music with a conscientious use of horizontal and vertical space.
In this overstraining of the capacity to give birth and of the notion of fertility, one should not see the simple metaphor of the bleak reality of the thirties' industrial process; rather, the production process itself was born within a utopian, epic fertility, and was fertility's chance appendage.
reported that the industry's business status has bottomed out and the market has strong demand for high-quality and high-efficiency products, overstraining capacity.
She warned against overstraining the resources of Europe's biggest economy, saying: "Germany is putting this strength and this power to use for the wellbeing of people, not just in Germany but also to help European unity and the global economy.
Such a situation may lead to the financial overstraining of the respective social system, preventable by the implementation of new technology in the assistance process.
I find it relaxing and all of the muscles get exercised without overstraining.
The rapid popularity of smart phones and mobile Internet cards in recent two years has greatly augmented the traffic of wireless Internet access, overstraining the capacities of 3G networks.
Clients have also rushed to Powercom and Cyber Power for procurement of UPS, whose demand surged in Japan, overstraining the capacities of local suppliers.
Speaking at the National Academy of Civil Service yesterday, Wu pointed out that sudden opening up of such visits at a large scale risk overstraining the capacities of related facilities, including public facilities at scenic sites, hotels, and tourist buses.