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Conversely, if an employee knows they are overstressed and past their peak performance, they'll place their X at a slightly higher performance and lower stress than it is.
Written by expert dog trainers Martina Scholz and Clarissa von Reinhardt, Stress in Dogs: Learn How Dogs Show Stress And What You Can Do To Help is a guidebook for professional canine trainers and ordinary pet owners alike about dealing with an overstressed dog.
She added: "Amicus intends to gain the best deal we possibly can for all our members who will be forced out into an already overstressed jobs market.
Within 48 hours, the hot magnet has cooled down and it becomes the new 'buddy'--that way, neither magnet is ever overstressed.
The brief is organized according to five cross-cutting challenges that high schools face in seeking to influence student outcomes: (1) Assisting students who enter high school with poor academic skills; (2) Improving instructional content and practice; (3) Creating a personalized and orderly learning environment; (4) Providing work-based learning opportunities and preparing students for the world beyond high school; and (5) Stimulating change in overstressed high schools.
So it is with growing dismay that, despite reading about many hardworking and sometimes overstressed students, one comes across story after story in these books of others who openly, defiantly, even gleefully prey on inexperienced teachers or assiduously resist everything their teachers do to reach out to them.
He casually mentions that world population will grow from 6 billion to 9 billion by 2050 without bothering to discuss how an already overstressed planet will absorb a 50-percent increase.
So when you consider that the only protection afforded to a motorcyclist is the shell of his or her clothing, the importance of choosing to wear a product designed and made to the highest performance standards cannot be overstressed.
Most manufacturers are of the opinion that an engineered chair, or one whose design had to be changed to assure adequate structural stability or reduce overstressed points, would not be pleasing to the eye.
Sulamith compared teaching to the work of a doctor, prescribing movement for the relaxation of overstressed muscles.
During the last decade, more and more students have been diagnosed as overstressed or treated for depression while still in high school.