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21 million in urgent grant financing for a 140 million programme financed together with EU Member States to rehabilitate the overstretched water networks in northern Jordan, where most of the Syrian refugees reside.
Jeff said: "This is a cut too far and means our forces will be overstretched in Afghanistan - and worse if other areas of conflict crop up.
But transport secretary Philip Hammond argues shifting fast trains on to the new HS2 line would free up the West Coast line - otherwise predicted to be even more overstretched by 2020 - for more new local and regional services for Coventry.
the resources of host communities have been depleted and overstretched over
On the other hand, the United States has been constantly pressing the Pakistani military to reign in the Al-Qaeda allied Haqqani group in region, however, the army maintains that it is overstretched to clamp down on the extremists in North Waziristan.
Summary: Probation staff monitoring dangerous sex offenders are overstretched and under-trained, a report has warned.
military is currently overstretched with operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; that Iran's known nuclear sites are heavily fortified; and that we do not have information about possible clandestine nuclear sites.
A UN official has said that UN peacekeeping forces are overstretched, both operationally and politically, and some missions may be in danger of failing.
THE late Derek Harrison - known as Mr Snow Hill for his books about that station - told me that he could foresee the day New Street Station would be overstretched.
I think lenders need to be clear that firstly, somebody can afford to meet the repayments whatever they are - that they haven't overstretched themselves," he said.
If a leg ligament is overstretched, Gyrotonics works to strengthen the energy connection through the center of the body including the abdominals.
But the reporter certainly didn't "plant" the enthusiastic response of the assembled soldiers to Wilson's question, which potently described a significant source of frustration for our overstretched, under-equipped troops.