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Seems to me the guy overtaking was very considerate to his fellow road user.
An overtaking manoeuvre was deemed to be one that occurred during a complete fast lap, but not the first of any race.
The defendant claims that the overtaking manoeuvre which led to the collision with Mr Turner was "lawful and proper" and did not amount to dangerous driving.
Road Safety GB North East (RSGB NE) is being joined by police, fire officers, and the Police and Crime Commissioners from Cleveland and Durham, in the regional initiative to help safeguard cyclists and educate roadusers about safer overtaking.
The driver of the car, Maurice King, of Market Bosworth, was overtaking three cars and a tractor on Bosworth Road in Wellesborough, close to Bosworth Water Park, at around 12pm on July 29, 2014, when the crash happened.
New figures from Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate revealed that 3,616 drivers were caught while overtaking along the hard shoulder between January and March 2016 despite the "great risks of this offence".
Prosecutors say Mr Kassim was following the teenager in overtaking, and, after the defendant braked, collided with him and fell under the lorry.
Vlahogianni analyzed factors which may influence the duration of overtaking on two-lane highways [1].
As many as 80% of drivers have felt endangered by their own overtaking or that of another vehicle, the survey by Huddersfield road safety charity Brake and Direct Line Insurance found.
MGL Chapter 89 Section 2 says, "If it is not possible to overtake a bicycle or other vehicle at a safe distance in the same lane, the overtaking vehicle shall use all or part of an adjacent lane if it is safe to do so or wait for a safe opportunity to overtake.
Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said that motorists will face severe penalties for overtaking on the hard shoulder.