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The bottom line is that when the sale of the partnership interest itself yields ceiling rule distortions, not only are character conversions possible for the contributing and noncontributing partners, but also additional distortions (by way of overtaxation or undertaxation) may apply to the purchasing partner when the ceiling rule limited property is ultimately sold.
The result here is that revenues decrease with the number of taxing authorities, not because of beneficial interjurisdictional competition, but because of the overtaxation of the tax base pushing the governments onto the backward-bending portion of the Laffer curve.
These estimates, along with estimates of tax incidence, will be used to test the basis of overtaxation or undertaxation of the farm sector.
Do that without punishing success with overregulation and overtaxation so the Democrats can take your hard-earned money for their benefit.
Practitioners report that it has become common for taxpayers to disregard statutory rules, based on crude rules of thumb, in circumstances where the application of these rules results in egregious overtaxation.
The human instinct is to be free, free from overtaxation, free from overregulation, free from overlitigation.
I would like the supporters of Measures 66 and 67 to remember something now, as they have in effect taxed themselves: All taxes are regressive to the economy and the human spirit, and overtaxation is slavery.
13 held our state to 1 percent and 66 percent vote to raise taxes; that saved citizens from overtaxation.
Cities need to eliminate specific distortions in the current property tax system, such as the overtaxation of apartments and commercial and industrial properties relative to single-family homes.
City dwellers would testify that their mayors and city councils wouldn't need any special money from Washington if they spent their own revenues more carefully, and didn't drive middle-class residents and businesses out to the suburbs through overtaxation, over-regulation, and overly bureaucratic schools and police departments.
I think it's just important for the Republican Party to be very clear about the values whether it's allowing people to keep more of what they work for and giving people freedom from overtaxation, overregulation, standing up for innocent life," he said.
Next, Part V examines the argument that damage to the taxpayer from loss of sales is caused by overtaxation.