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But state law also requires the county to pay interest of 12 percent annually on the overtaxed amount, to recognize the financial return the company might otherwise have received on that money, Hardin said.
Boyle, the Institute remains committed to working with the IRS to address administrative issues, but remains concerned that the resources of taxpayers and software vendors to meet the requirements may be overtaxed.
Eliminate overtaxed pipe lines: As production has crept up, some pipe lines have been pushed to deliver much higher volumes than those for which they were designed, placing their friction losses in undesirable ranges and forcing pump curves out of their sweet spots.
The faulty landing overtaxed the right main landing gear, causing it to collapse, and the aircraft caught fire after veering off the runway.
That incredible proposal, which has been virtually blacked out by the Establishment media, would rob billions of dollars from our already overtaxed Defense budget, to train and equip a force of tens of thousands of UN "peacekeepers.
Overtaxed Exchange servers, loss of information, reduced employee productivity and exposure to corporate compliance risks are all liabilities that organizations must manage.
Meanwhile, the overtaxed seas around Nemuro yield fewer fish every year.
The Palo Alto, CA-based industry group estimates that upgrades, which would include digital controls and full-time system monitoring, could boost average electric bills by 10% per year, but would eventually save money by reducing the need to patch overtaxed systems.
Reclining chairs were originally intended to promote healthful relaxation for the overtaxed body, but they have become the symbol of the slovenly.
In Kazakhstan, overtaxed farmland is being abandoned as productivity falls.
The MOSRO 1 is a security robot from Robowatch Technologies of Berlin, Germany, that can be used where human security guards would be endangered or overtaxed.
It's far too generous but we thought overtaxed car drivers would appreciate the idea,' added Sanders.