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muscle groups or nerves are being overtaxed to the extent 5 Diseases of tendons, tendon that the overtaxing or sheaths, insertions, muscles pressure, tension or torsion or limb joints caused by are, according to current long-term excessive one- medical knowledge, the cause sided overtaxing.
I mean, if city officials haven't been overtaxing us $288 million a year, why do we have to pay them that much in alimony every year?
Maybe more, since City Hall has been underserving and overtaxing the Valley for 20 years.
A wave of false-alarm anthrax calls flooded local law enforcement agencies Tuesday, overtaxing already short-staffed police and fire departments.
Key to the problem is that the number of passengers is increasing 5 percent every year, jamming airlines and overtaxing airports, the study's authors said.
and other firms that charged that the city was overtaxing companies that sold products inside the city but that were headquartered outside the city.
And at age 49, he wanted a sport that would keep him fit without overtaxing his body.