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They declared their innocence and denied the charges of destabilising the country, and overthrowing the government, and of undermining the pillars of the government.
When it was brought to her attention, she put a stop to it, and was then accused of denying medical treatment to those who had been involved in overthrowing the old regime.
Ahmed Atallah, a member of the parliamentary committee of Al-Wafd party, said overthrowing the regime is legal as long as it is not by force.
One conclusion that Nepstad discusses briefly in her last chapter is the ineffectiveness of international sanctions in overthrowing any regime.
The mutineers said they were overthrowing the government because of its mishandling of an ethnic Tuareg insurgency in the country's north.
19 (SUNA)- The National Congress has described the call of the outlaw Abdul-Aziz Al-Hillu on the citizens of Khartoum to demonstrate for overthrowing the government as a clear reflection of the state of despair that Al-Hillu is living over his military rebellion and the support of the Peoples' liberation Movement in South Sudan State.
N- Workers through out the country would register their protest by wearing black bands and would condemn the illegal action of Pervez Musharraf of imposing of emergency in the country and overthrowing a democratic regime.