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Even so, its shoulder impacted against the shoulder of the whirling colt below it, overthrowing the latter.
And one day, catching one of his enemies alone on the edge of the woods, he managed, by repeatedly overthrowing him and attacking the throat, to cut the great vein and let out the life.
If (which Heaven forbid) the middle classes ranged under the banner of the opposition should succeed in overthrowing those social superiorities which are so repugnant to their vanity, another struggle would follow hard upon their victory.
As Buck drew himself together to spring after them, out of the tail of his eye he saw Spitz rush upon him with the evident intention of overthrowing him.
The supporters of the process said that military has a history of overthrowing at least four governments in Turkey and meddling in civilian-political affairs.
They declared their innocence and denied the charges of destabilising the country, and overthrowing the government, and of undermining the pillars of the government.
Ramadi (NINA) - Protestors in Anbar signaled that they might demand overthrowing the regime unless the government fulfills their demands.
Ahmed Atallah, a member of the parliamentary committee of Al-Wafd party, said overthrowing the regime is legal as long as it is not by force.
The mutineers said they were overthrowing the government because of its mishandling of an ethnic Tuareg insurgency in the country's north.