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The overthrow of the government of Mohamad Morsi, the first democratically elected President of Egypt, by General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in 2013 is another interesting example of the US modus operandi for overthrowing foreign governments covertly even if they have been duly elected.
True, overthrowing an elected government is 'a treasonable offence'.
'We should change overthrowing of the governments by judges and military dictators.
In the first case, prosecutors told the court, presided over by judge Falah Al Hajeri, two Emirati defendants were charged with setting up Istanbul-based UAE Umma Party, which called for overthrowing the government and seizing power in the country.
But that terrorist threat was useful in overthrowing the Bill of Rights and establishing Nazi-style "anti-terrorism" measures such as detention without charge, spying on the American people, and the use of torture.
The supporters of the process said that military has a history of overthrowing at least four governments in Turkey and meddling in civilian-political affairs.
When it was brought to her attention, she put a stop to it, and was then accused of denying medical treatment to those who had been involved in overthrowing the old regime.
Ahmed Atallah, a member of the parliamentary committee of Al-Wafd party, said overthrowing the regime is legal as long as it is not by force.
One conclusion that Nepstad discusses briefly in her last chapter is the ineffectiveness of international sanctions in overthrowing any regime.