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He started getting a severe headache and Andrew and his colleagues thought he may just be overtired from working hard.
The types of sleep problems the researchers were interested in were whether the child had nightmares, struggled with being overtired, slept less (or more) than most children, talked/walked during sleep, had trouble sleeping; and had difficulty sleeping alone.
Seeing obviously unsafe overseas trucks being driven erratically by overtired drivers is enough to give the logistics sector a bad name, despite the fact that the UK fleet is recognised as the safest in Europe," Freight Transport Association (FTA) spokesman Jo Tanner said.
But these days when the real college professor stands up, he may look more like an overtired migrant worker in the fields of academia than a lovably bumbling Mr.
An investigation was launched in April 2008 but Ubani, who claimed he had been overtired when he administered the drug, was never arrested or charged with an offence by UK authorities.
Monitoring the driver's steering behaviour has proved to be particularly relevant, as an overtired driver has difficulty in keeping the vehicle precisely on track.
And 74% said the biggest challenge when exercising was not to get overtired or overheated.
Consider leaving the park early, before children get overtired which could lead to a melt down.
Last month the Daily Post reported at least four foreign lorries a day are being caught by police and enforcement officers on the A55 for being overloaded, faulty or driven by overtired truckers.
Drink some caffeine if it helps, but do not continue to drive if you recognize that you are overtired.
For the Roccas, the Sleepy Planet solution was scheduling Harlow so she wouldn't get overtired or under-tired.
Conserve energy: Use a kneeler seat, take rest breaks and stop work before becoming overtired.