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The union chair told the Telegraph that fewer people taking overtime could hypothetically lead to overtired staff who feel obliged to take overtime to man the engines and a delay in response times if appliances from other stations across the region have to serve an area during an emergency.
The Cheshire school's Deputy Head Teacher Lyndsay Watterson expressed shock at the reasons why pupils were overtired and pledged to take action.
Because we were overtired and overworked, we were really giggly.
As a result, he was overtired and aggressive – his only other adult contact seemed to be a middle–aged drug addict.
You board an airplane today in the United States, and with very few exceptions, you are welcomed with a fake smile from an overtired, jaded, and uncaring flight attendant.
Justin Bieber apologised Tuesday to his young fans — and their outraged, overtired parents — after they accused him of taking the stage almost two hours late for a concert in London.
During peak business seasons where extended hours are occasionally required to meet deadlines or deliver a product to a demanding client, it may be beneficial to observe employee behavior and offer breaks to those who seem overworked or overtired.
Perhaps the birth was difficult and intimacy is now painful; or you're terrified of becoming pregnant again, or even just overtired and this has triggered a depression.
Finally, if you're feeling a little overtired or jetlagged on arrival, Valerian tincture taken half an hour before bedtime should help you to drift off in your new time zone.
But airline Cathay Pacific announced yesterday that a now-infamous photograph of one of their pilots sleeping in the cockpit of a flight from Hong Kong to Dubai in August was misleading, pointing out that the picture -- taken by another employee -- shows a strategy to avoid pilots getting overtired during a long flight.
He started getting a severe headache and Andrew and his colleagues thought he may just be overtired from working hard.
The types of sleep problems the researchers were interested in were whether the child had nightmares, struggled with being overtired, slept less (or more) than most children, talked/walked during sleep, had trouble sleeping; and had difficulty sleeping alone.