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Public; open; manifest.

The term overt is used in Criminal Law in reference to conduct that moves more directly toward the commission of an offense than do acts of planning and preparation that may ultimately lead to such conduct.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006

OVERT. Open. An overt act in treason is proof of the intention of the traitor, because it opens his designs; without an overt act treason cannot be committed. 2 Chit: Cr. Law, 40. An overt act then, is one which manifests the intention of the traitor, to commit treason. Archb. Cr. Pl. 379 4 Bl. Com. 79.
     2. The mere contemplation or intention to commit a crime; although a sin in the sight of heaven, is not an act amenable to human laws. The were speculative wantonness of a licentious imagination, however dangerous, or even sanguinary in its object, can in no case amount to a crime. But the moment that any overt act is manifest, the offender becomes amenable to the laws. Vide Attempt; Conspiracy, and Cro. Car. 577.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Results for same-sex friendships showed that men were least willing to form friendships with the overtly promiscuous male vignette, instead preferring friendships with subtly promiscuous or non-promiscuous men.
As he says, "No rules, no regulations." Once Shaft resigns his position as a police officer, the film takes an unexpected turn and moves abruptly away from the overtly political agenda with which it began.
News organizations that write about business have become overtly hostile to CEOs.
Lux describes the many sporadic, ineffectual, and on occasion overtly experimental efforts to inoculate and vaccinate Native peoples on the Canadian plains, first for smallpox and later for tuberculosis.
North Lanarkshire's licensing board this month suspended two licences for pubs it felt were being overtly sectarian.
As his name dearly and overtly implies, Scamz is a lowlife con artist who employs services of anyone--mostly women--with access to confidential financial information.
It is evident he has listened to and been influenced by piano music of every genre and musical period, but so much so that his own ideas seem overtly borrowed.
Among her most important findings is that most women were not overtly racist before they joined; instead, they were recruited on the basis of social ties and then converted to racist ideology.
But Dillenberger asserts that Warhol was a deeply religious person; that this fascination with religion was a life-long interest, though he kept it hidden from the public for most of his life; and that it manifested itself most overtly in the art of his final seven years.
The night before his meeting, all the windows of his Lima home had been blown out in a nearby Shining Path bomb blast, but, despite his honest appraisal of an overtly discouraging environment, he won another green light from Newmont and BRGM to break ground at Yanacocha.
This ornate showing features bolder colorations such as gold, bronze, deep berries and new shades of red and overtly bold designs.
Since any activity other than agriculture, fishing, hunting or recreation requires approval from the Department of Environmental Conservation - whose mission seems to be to frustrate a builder by losing him in a bureaucratic morass without overtly denying him a permit - building a handful of homes can be a task of herculean proportions.