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Public; open; manifest.

The term overt is used in Criminal Law in reference to conduct that moves more directly toward the commission of an offense than do acts of planning and preparation that may ultimately lead to such conduct.


adjective apertus, apparent, clear, definite, distinct, easily seen, evident, explicit, exposed, glaring, in full view, in plain sight, manifest, manifestus, noticeable, notorious, obvious, open, ostensible, palpable, patent, perceptible, perspicuous, plain, public, revealed, uncovered, undisguised, unhidden, visible
See also: apparent, blatant, candid, clear, comprehensible, conspicuous, evident, known, lucid, manifest, naked, obvious, open, ostensible, palpable, patent, pellucid, perceivable, perceptible, public, salient, scrutable, unmistakable



OVERT. Open. An overt act in treason is proof of the intention of the traitor, because it opens his designs; without an overt act treason cannot be committed. 2 Chit: Cr. Law, 40. An overt act then, is one which manifests the intention of the traitor, to commit treason. Archb. Cr. Pl. 379 4 Bl. Com. 79.
     2. The mere contemplation or intention to commit a crime; although a sin in the sight of heaven, is not an act amenable to human laws. The were speculative wantonness of a licentious imagination, however dangerous, or even sanguinary in its object, can in no case amount to a crime. But the moment that any overt act is manifest, the offender becomes amenable to the laws. Vide Attempt; Conspiracy, and Cro. Car. 577.

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Pankin nods overtly to the variety of sources from which he has taken lessons.
Although the book was not overtly gay, the undercurrents of homoeroticism were unmistakable as the vampires Lestat and Louis scampered about the globe devoting special attentions to their exsanguinations of young men and eventually cohabited in a nontraditional living arrangement that included the child vampire Claudia.
In a single evening while watching the World Series, a child could have seen 14 overtly violent commercials,'' said Dr.
With twenty-two artists from across Europe as well as Cuba, this exhibition was both the most extensive and the most overtly political.
Many heterosexual men like being physically admired by other guys, especially if the guy doing the admiring isn't a competitive threat or overtly acknowledging the sexual charge.
Molloy said that his team would submit the names of companies they deem overtly violating laws against hiring illegal immigrants to the INS district office in Los Angeles.
A historical model is more overtly suggested by Brauntuch's Untitled (Fur), 2003, which seems to revisit Raphaelle Peale's Venus Rising from the Sea--A Deception (After the Bath), ca.
Louis Toodle-oo," "Black Beauty," and "Mood Indigo"--great examples of "jungle music" that make clear why the term jazz once had an overtly sexual connotation.
The West Coast seems to be overtly hostile towards New Yorkers right now,'' he said.
The pair's collaborative silent film China, September-October 1978, Beijing, Yanan, Xian, Luoyang, consists of fuzzy, gorgeously colorful shots of daily life in the aftermath of Mao's Cultural Revolution, its seemingly anomalous inclusion here providing a vital link to the more overtly political aspect of Sieverding's practice.
China's legislature unveiled a major revision of its criminal law Thursday, introducing new offenses like money laundering and insider trading, and eliminating the overtly political category of ``counterrevolutionary'' crimes.
We respond to his figures in much the same way as we respond to characters on a stage--they have the power to shock or move us, but in the confines of an overtly fictional context.