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Public; open; manifest.

The term overt is used in Criminal Law in reference to conduct that moves more directly toward the commission of an offense than do acts of planning and preparation that may ultimately lead to such conduct.

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OVERT. Open. An overt act in treason is proof of the intention of the traitor, because it opens his designs; without an overt act treason cannot be committed. 2 Chit: Cr. Law, 40. An overt act then, is one which manifests the intention of the traitor, to commit treason. Archb. Cr. Pl. 379 4 Bl. Com. 79.
     2. The mere contemplation or intention to commit a crime; although a sin in the sight of heaven, is not an act amenable to human laws. The were speculative wantonness of a licentious imagination, however dangerous, or even sanguinary in its object, can in no case amount to a crime. But the moment that any overt act is manifest, the offender becomes amenable to the laws. Vide Attempt; Conspiracy, and Cro. Car. 577.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Repeated measures ANOVA was performed in the 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 design: group (G), overtness (O), referent (R), visual cue (C) has been performed: (G: adults vs.
This kind of class consciousness is troubling not only for its overtness but for its insistent orderliness, its authoritarian demand of obedience; it is troubling precisely for the polite cleanliness of its cruelty.
Michael Siva-Jothy of the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom says that among species studied so far, "I think the dueling and the overtness of the dueling are quite unusual." He adds that he would not be surprised if the worm report inspired closer observations of other hermaphrodites, whose romances may turn out to be just as weird.
The position of the inquirer is at least that of a semi-participant observer, in the sense that there is an interaction between the inquirer and the actors as the inquiry proceeds, and there may also be overtness about the inquirer's intention.
Secondly, despite its reliance on a narrative of social progress, such a politics is inherently static on a deeper level since, by positing overtness of identity as its goal, it never really considers any further political aims or examines the larger implications of its own agenda.
On one level, overtness and formality characterize leavetakers' interactions regarding their maternity leave contract, corporate child care arrangements (if applicable), and transfer of job responsibilities (Deja, 1988; Marzollo, 1989; Smith, 1990).
They've varied in degrees...of antagonism and overtness."
To let what-is be what it is means participating in something overt and its overtness" (1949, 305-6).
There's something admirable in that, something true to what a teacher's role has traditionally been, and also, in its overtness, something deeply presumptuous.
What really saturated former Yugoslavia was a heavy, patriarchal sexism whose overtness and harshness expressed itself differently from republic to republic, class to class, generation to generation, and above all between city and village, secular professionals and peasants.
The authors found an increase in the overtness of illustrations of women used as sex objects, in particular, for general interest magazines.
She's calling out her take," he says, slightly amused at her overtness.