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So our challenge is to determine, in advance, how well these embankments will perform if they overtop during a major flood.
Croplands in agricultural areas, could be protected from smaller floods by a levee designed to overtop every 10-20 years.
Any one of seven teams can end up as champions and the most significant result of the weekend was Rafa Boys' 3-1 win overtop side Llanedeyrn Bulldogs.
With a high of three metres predicted, the risks are significant; the sea could literally overtop the flood defences and wash cars and people away.
The larger storm flows, which previously overtopped the road, can now overtop the weir wall and pass under the road through the new, higher-capacity culvert.
The raging rivers and their turbulent tributaries welled from their banks to overtop and breach more than 1,000 levees in nine midwestern states.
The White City overpass is a diamond interchange, with Highway 48 crossing overtop of Highway 1.
If this tidal surge were to meet the Severn Barrage, it would not be able to move upstream and the increased volume of water would overtop the existing flood defences and would not allow any water to drain of the Levels, making the situation worse.
The second building at 141 Bay Street will be completed in 2023, along with a one-acre, elevated park overtop of one of North Americas busiest railways to connect the two buildings.
We helped nature along by planting shade-loving native shrubs, introducing other wildflowers indicative of Iowa woodlands, and planting shade-tolerant trees--basswoods and sugar maples--that will eventually overtop our mature oaks.
5-ton bridge decks would be kept in place during a 100-year flood event in which water could overtop the bridge by several feet.