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Subsequently, the prior probability that a landslide surge will occur and the conditional probability that the dam will overtop due to the landslide surge were calculated for different water levels in the reservoir.
It will also provide technical graphs, or data plots, of water elevation in the reservoir, rate of water leaving the reservoir, and time from when water first overtops the dam to when the dam could fail.
Even those that were designed to overtop in smaller floods were sandbagged to prevent that from occurring.
Molten waste, known as slag, was dumped in the most convenient place - over the natural cliffs, where it solidi-fied in such away as to overtop and embolden the existing coastline.
With a high of three metres predicted, the risks are significant; the sea could literally overtop the flood defences and wash cars and people away.
The larger storm flows, which previously overtopped the road, can now overtop the weir wall and pass under the road through the new, higher-capacity culvert.
The raging rivers and their turbulent tributaries welled from their banks to overtop and breach more than 1,000 levees in nine midwestern states.
We helped nature along by planting shade-loving native shrubs, introducing other wildflowers indicative of Iowa woodlands, and planting shade-tolerant trees--basswoods and sugar maples--that will eventually overtop our mature oaks.
It sustained nine overtop breaches, resulting in an estimated $100 million in property damages.
PARK PLACE/MWROG STREET/MAES FFYNNON, RUTHIN A low spot in the flood defence bund at Cae Ddol allowed water to overtop the defence, leading to the flooding of one residential and one commercial property.
Approximately 15 percent of that same shoreline has a high probability of experiencing overwash, where surge and waves overtop dunes.