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Of the flood defences, he added: "The flood defences have been upgraded recently but because of the severe and unusual nature of the rainfall, even though they have been improved, unfortunately the level of the water in the river means that they have been overtopped.
LBOD suffered major damage as rainwater overtopped it and farmers also cut its banks to dewater their lands.
The river has now overtopped the flood defences in the north end of the city.
Meanwhile, Widin said insurers "will be trying very hard to show" the levees breached because flood waters overtopped them--a natural flood excluded by the policy language Duval did not find ambiguous.
The interstate pavement and bridges have been overtopped on more than one occasion, necessitating the replacement of the structures on a raised vertical alignment.
In a pinnately veined leaf, for example, the overtopping mesomes formed the midvein, and the overtopped mesomes constituted the lateral veins.
According to the Army Corps of Engineers, the broken levees that flooded the city of New Orleans failed when the storm surge overtopped the floodwalls and, spilling to their foundations, undermined their structural integrity.
Trees growing alone don't need to direct their growth to win the "race to the sun"; they have no fear of being overtopped and crowded out.
have determined the depth of water that different widths of hedges can retain before being bent over and overtopped.
They wanted to determine the maximum depth of water upstream that different hedges could withstand without being bent over and overtopped.
Water began to percolate through the landslide dam from Lake Sarez before it could be overtopped and some time in the 1940s, somewhat miraculously, reached a state of equilibrium with the lake level 40 metres below the lowest point in the dam.
The fallen leaves, now crumbling into humus, will soon be overtopped with fresh green growth.