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A meta-analysis of biomarkers associated with the overtraining syndrome.
According to the American Psychiatric Association, there are two subtypes of this condition, but concerningly the one that most closely resembles overtraining syndrome is known as major depression (Yudofsky and Hales, 1992).
If the ratio begins to decrease by 30%, overtraining syndrome may be evident.
Although comments will be offered on some of the symptoms that burnout shares with staleness and the overtraining syndrome, the primary focus will be on the latter two constructs.
This unexplainable performance decrements can result in chronic maladaptations that can lead to the overtraining syndrome (OTS).
The haematological, biochemical profile of athletes suffering from the overtraining syndrome.
Overtraining syndrome is characterized by intensive training, often year-round, without allowing yourself enough rest between sessions.
A Review of Overtraining Syndrome - Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms, Mary Black Johnson, Vol.
If you experience psychological changes, and suspect overtraining syndrome, plasma catecholamine measurements should be done by a physician.
In the overtraining syndrome, overreaching fails to produce supercompensation and in fact can contribute to even greater declines in performance without proper regeneration periods.
Relationship of the overtraining syndrome with stress, fatigue, and serotonin.