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The 10 overtures in the concert were chosen by the orchestra's fans and members of the public.
The Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod endorsed an overture prepared by Rev.
Rather than being limited to a relatively small selection of proprietary mutual funds, Overture Financial's open architecture provides ready access to a global network of investment professionals.
Overture Hall also ups the ante for Madison Ballet.
This is a big blow to Overture and a coup for Google, but it just reiterates how important and profitable the search business is,' said media analyst Paul Kim.
Earlier this week it emerged that Overture had won a restraining order against T-Online AG, which decided to drop Overture in favor of Google last month, in response to the Yahoo deal.
On the day the presbytery met to consider the overture, a letter was received from Michael Caveney, recently appointed convener of the Life and Mission Agency, offering to meet with the presbytery.
T-Online dropped Overture in favor of Google on August 7, an Overture spokesperson said.