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Therefore, this study aimed to assess the association between training load and symptoms of overuse injury in professional dancers and the difference between time-loss injuries and injuries causing significant symptoms not leading to decreased performance time.
"In many instances, costs are driven by overuse of care, whether this is due to an increase in lifestyle-related chronic conditions or over-cautiousness of medical practitioners that result in unnecessary treatments or diagnostic procedures recommended by service providers," she added.
The researchers found that athletes with high specialization were at an increased risk of sustaining an overuse injury versus athletes with low (pooled relative risk [RR] ratio, 1.81) and moderate (pooled RR, 1.18) specialization.
Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, shares who is at risk for overuse injury and how to prevent these injuries from happening.
Dale Abel said, 'Diabetes, significantly increases the risk of heart failure, and one of the cardinal manifestations of the hearts of people with diabetes is the tendency to overuse fat as a metabolic fuel, which ultimately leads to mitochondrial and cardiac damage'.
Overuse of antibiotics is thought to be a major factor in the global rise of antibiotic-resistant infections.
However, the methods used for injury registration in these studies are likely to have substantially underestimated the true burden of overuse injuries (defined as those without a specific, identifiable event responsible for their occurrence) due to a reliance on time-loss injury definitions (Clarsen et al., 2013).
Summary: Failing monsoon, overuse and wastage and lack of conservation efforts spell trouble
Overuse injuries are any type of muscle or joint injuries that are the result of repetitive trauma, and can occur from training or technique errors.
Poor posture, tendon overuse and other bad habits caused by our use of digital devices.
But a large proportion of those headaches results from overuse of therapies for migraine, making them in some cases an iatrogenic and avoidable complication, according to a headache specialist.
hospitals overuse certain medical interventions during childbirth, which can create health risks for both mother and child.