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Overusing any pain medication, over-the-counter or prescription, can cause a rebound headache once it's stopped.
This positive view of overusing patients is a paradigmatic shift from views of the past that have seen overusers as a thorn in the side of the physician.
The investigation, led by Oregon attorney general Hardy Myers, alleges that Pfizer's ads misrepresented the antibiotic's effectiveness in treating otitis media in children and failed to disclose the risks of overusing antibiotics.
Overusing medications can occur in several ways: taking more than the recommended dosage at one time, taking the next dose sooner than directed, or taking more dosages per day than directed.
Indoor air quality may be compromised simply by overusing cleaning agents based on their methods of dispensing.
The group speaks to doctors, medical students, and the public about the dangers of overusing antibiotics.
And not only does Derry blame diners for overusing salt, he believes that most chefs here overuse it too.