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A high incentive aimed at encouraging agents to achieve a high level of performance is likely to induce the agents to behave selfishly in the face of their overvaluation.
Constraints on investor trading activities (and investor inertia, in general) are likely to delay the correction of acquirers' pre-acquisition announcement overvaluation.
The same fear of overvaluation also explains much of the exclusion of relevant expert evidence.
Based on its interpretation of the statute and reading of the legislative history, the Fifth Circuit agreed with the Tax Court that, when an entire deduction is disallowed on grounds unrelated to valuation, the resulting tax underpayment cannot be considered "attributable" to an overvaluation and, thus, the valuation penalties did not apply.
This ratio reflects the years of rent that are required to buy a property, and is typically used for measuring the undervaluation or overvaluation of real estate prices.
While growing uncertainty over the economy after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami has prompted investors to buy government bonds as a safe haven, caution about their overvaluation triggered some selling, which has pushed the yields higher, market participants said.
Noting that Turkey had also some problems with current account deficit and overvaluation in Turkish lira (TL), Rogoff said that those problems would not affect Turkey in short term, however, if Turkey did not take necessary measures and did not implement structural reforms, those problems could negatively affect the country in coming years.
by Ian Larkins, a solicitor at Liverpool law firm Weightmans THE recent case of Scullion v Bank of Scotland has highlighted the potential liabilities that surveyors face following overvaluation of properties.
However, a 3 per cent decline in seasonally-adjusted prices so far this year, coupled with continued moderate income growth, has reduced overvaluation to a less worrisome 11 per cent in the third quarter of 2010.
Ortega presented evidence of a 1,200% overvaluation of the cost of the dam.
The financial crisis of the 2007 to the present is a crisis triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system caused by the overvaluation of assets.