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Markets with valuation premiums above 32% were deemed at risk for price corrections based on the typical degree of overvaluation that preceded the 79 known local market price declines observed since 1985.
I am not going to spend much time discussing why or how such overvaluation occurs (although these are important for our eventual complete understanding of the issues) (2) or whether it is consistent or inconsistent with market efficiency.
68) Rather, it seems to us that even successful developing countries have limited absorptive capacity for foreign resources, whether because their financial markets are underdeveloped, or because their economies are prone to overvaluation caused by rapid capital inflows or overly rapid consumption growth, or some combination of these factors.
More seriously, it weakens the cumulative power of his strongest analysis and argument about the nature of the French financial effort, the confusion of purpose and priorities in the way the war was fought, and the importance of the overvaluation of the piastre.
With expectations that the dollar will further depreciate to reach a level more aligned to its fundamentals, ''the ringgit peg is safe from any threat of overvaluation,'' it added.
External factors are growth in foreign output and real exchange rate overvaluation.
manufacturing's inability to compete on a global scale is the overvaluation of the dollar.
SPI urges the administration to address and monitor the serious matter of overvaluation of the U.
Like the set designers before him, Nouvel has enjoyed considerable say in the display of the art itself, which only confirms the overvaluation of spectacular architecture over art epidemic in today's art world.
5 billion in 1998, helped keep overvaluation from spiraling out of control.
The core strategy in the government's economic program is to reduce inflation while avoiding overvaluation of the national currency.
On the balance sheet side, about a quarter of the commission's cases involved asset overvaluation.