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Governor, Thomas Jordan, said that the franc is 'clearly and significantly overvalued.
The other Texas housing markets making the list of overvalued markets were Dallas-Plano-Irving; San Antonio-New Braunfels; and Fort Worth-Arlington.
In the same manner, the Japanese yen and the Brazilian real are overvalued by 37% and 38%, respectively, whereas the Indian rupee and the Chinese renminbi are significantly undervalued, by 35% and 8%, respectively.
Art Cashin's, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, statements today that the equity markets are substantially overvalued and overbought.
A survey by housing research firm Hometrack identified the most overvalued areas as Berwick-upon-Tweed, Brighton & Hove and Oxford.
The group found that property prices were most overvalued in France, with the UK having the second highest house prices in relation to incomes and Denmark having the third highest level.
Nevertheless, when housing is overvalued, renting is a better economic option, the study notes.
While Hartcher says Greenspan missed an early opportunity to tighten monetary policy and stop the mania, Meyer wrote: "Were equities substantially overvalued in December 1996?
In today's climate, this isn't happening and as a result, prices that are overvalued stay overvalued until an experienced agent tells them otherwise.
I define and analyze the agency costs of overvalued equity.
The group said it thought this gloomy scenario was now the most likely outcome for the market as property had become overvalued.
As long as the overvalued yen keeps their domestic operating costs prohibitively high, Japanese producers will increasingly tap deeply into the Chinese labor market, causing consumer-goods markets in Japan and worldwide to continue to be flooded with cheap China-made electronics, textiles, and other products.