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PHILIP Hammond, has left it far too late to rein in heir presumptive Johnson because his overweening ambition for the top job, for which he is totally unfitted, has already destroyed his Party by making it indistinguishable from Farage's Brexit Party.
This conviction and the overweening self-confidence gripping the Palestinian terrorists hold dangers for several reasons: They are presenting themselves as capable of defeating Israel's most advanced weaponry.
The question of changing the present form of government is too crucial for the country's social, political and economic future to be held hostage by the overweening ambitions and extortionist whims of entitled politicians, especially a spectacularly failed one fomenting disruption for yet another chance at political relevance, now that Mindanao is taking fresh steps to peace without him.
Losing the chance to deliver Brexit and begin healing Britain's wounds due to "one man's overweening vanity would be a perversion of our democracy".
Her male partners are given overweening weight, and her sexual orientation is portrayed as proximate to transgenderness.
It was heartening to sense how closely the OOTS players were listening to each other and to her, and Lloyd Webber allowed the music to speak for itself, imposing no overweening maestroship.
The golden era of OPM in the '70s, cresting with the tide of Marcos' overweening ambition, serves as the milieu of the musical told with a straightforward narrative: a group of seven friends hurdling college and adulthood, who entered a songwriting, singing contest.
RECOGNITIONbrBaba's overweening need for recognition and status must always come first.
That didn't stop carmakers from offering their traditional crowd-pleasers: ostentatious displays of overweening horsepower in sleek, fossil-fuel burning and very expensive sports cars.
"Ours is a rigid Constitution, made so as a protection against firebrand changes - and major revisions designed to substantially alter the balance of power in government must be proposed by a more circumspect Constitutional Convention and not by an overweening Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass)," said IBP national president Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo said in a statement issued Saturday.
Theresa May, beleaguered, isolated and weak through self-inflicted wounds, is surrounded by a conniving Cabinet of overweening ambition, none of whom has the gravitas to back up their grasping attempts to take the top job.
You are a coward and you are a man with an overweening sense of your own importance and all those features of your personality were demonstrated amply on Boxing Day last year."