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But what will really disturb you when you come to vote was the overweening lust for power, the brutality and ruthlessness of these men.
They cling to the infamous "precautionary principle" and demand overweening proof but not once have they invited leading scientists to explain the issues to them.
Unfortunately, some of the coverage of the report failed to make clear the connection between cause (civilization's overweening appetites) and effect (dead animals).
COMMENTARY: | Staniforth draws here on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar to suggest that the Kaiser's overweening ambition is being checked by military realities.
The US Constitution was built on the assumption that it was important to the preservation of liberty from overweening political authority to economize upon political virtue.
Overweening Russian influence on Ukraine has been cited as a primary contributor to the anti-government protests that kept the former Soviet nation in a state of political paralysis for months on end.
One is that they wish it would all end, the demonstrations, the arrests, the overweening exercise of power the current military-led government, like those before it, has proved unable to resist.
Overweening government, crony capitalism, ignoring the Constitution, and overriding the rule of law are leading Americans to conclude that the country is heading in the wrong direction and that its international economic influence as a so-called free country is likely to continue to wane in coming years.
His overweening confidence helped him to avoid exposure.
Out will go the current overweening emphasis on the roles of black people in our history.
While some Dubai critics will no doubt interpret this statement as evidence of overweening ambition, the Dubai Ruler is simply reflecting the inevitable reality of any growing modern city.
When taking such an approach, the risk of patronising the listener - or of sounding so overweening as to disappear in your own selfsatisfaction - is huge.