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But up until very recently, we were overweighed in energy.
Thus, the effect will be only marginal and will be overweighed by the uncertainty around the negotiations with Nomos.
The scientists found that when individuals chose between different food options after having experienced the stressful ice bath treatment, they overweighed food taste attributes and were more likely to choose an unhealthy food compared with people who were not stressed.
Dark circle and star points denote overweighed and not overweighed respectively.
107) Since all dominated funds carry an optimal portfolio weight of less than 1%, these funds are significantly overweighed in 401(k) plans.
Recently, his interest to reflect his very personal point of view overweighed his tendency to rap about politics.
Consequently, omissions and commissions overweighed whatever good Gehlot tried to do.
Improvement of employment situation was supportive having overweighed the negative effect of tax load growth.
If dangerous or poisons materials and oversized or overweighed goods will be transported, applicable permits shall be obtained from relevant authorities.
TOKYO - The yield on the benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond edged up Tuesday morning as position-adjustment selling slightly overweighed buying ahead of the auction of five-year notes later in the day.
The highest percents of underweighted and normally weighted are in the 18-24 years group, of overweighed, in the "35-44" group and of the obese, in the "45-54" group.