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Instead, the medical indications, the patient's preferences, and quality-of-life issues would normally exert a more powerful influence in the final clinical ethical analysis, thus overweighing the contextual features.
The participants having greater concern for the availability and security principles and overweighing assurance reports on individual principles, as compared to a four-principle reliability report, evidence this latter point.
The introduction of the system has virtually eliminated overweighing and scrap recipes, since operators cannot omit ingredients or complete a recipe batch until all weights have been correctly added to the mix.
to the complex folds of his frown, his mute overweighing
Investors revise their beliefs not according to strict rules of rationality, but by overweighing new information and devaluating older, longer-term information.
A field with a hi-tech company showing interest in its potential had to be worth a great deal more than it would ever be if left to the growing of buttercups; similarly, acres of land where housebuilders might be keen to sink their foundations acquired a financial status quite overweighing their green value.
The racial hatred he provoked was just too dangerous, overweighing the hope he had kindled.
When the benefits overweighing risks, the retail sector is not a bad choice for long term investments.
NNA - 16/3/2011 - Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati said on Wednesday "the challenges overweighing our country in all political, economic, and social levels as well as the very perilous developments in the region necessitate the formation of balanced and impartial government.
ING is advising its investors to start overweighing bonds in their investment portfolios and underweighing stocks from 1999 in view of the millennium bug.