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Considering such recruitment as historical reality is naive annotation, but when it is recommended per se, then the indication of interest overweighs the intent of ethically justified solution.
65 cm2/ m2, the opinion that there might be prosthesis- patient mismatch overweighs.
On Syria, the King discussed the latest developments of the crisis and its effects on neighbouring countries, especially with the growing numbers of refugees, who have fled to these countries, especially Jordan, which, he said, is shouldering a huge burden that overweighs its limited resources.
In summary, the experimental results indicate that our RBPS approach overweighs the delay-based approach in respect of fault-tolerant ability, regardless of the state of the network and the selection of the overlap ratio upper bound.
However, available data on hyperthermia and drug resistance suggest that the positive effect (reversal of drug resistance) overweighs the disadvantages (induction of drug resistance) in clinical practice.
probability of positive surprises currently overweighs.
The cloud service elasticity, cost advantage and time to market far overweighs the challenges.
Senior executives of financial institutes are looking for dynamic organizations compatible with the customers' needs and wishes in a way that value overweighs the service/product costs.
But the oppression the [Iranian] regime is practising overweighs the [worsening] economic situation," said Kamel, who believes the Iranian youth will take to the streets at a certain point because of the oppression.
It is believed that this confinement effect overweighs the nucleation effect, thereby slowing down the overall crystallization rate.
Considering the present global resources, it is imperative to let the technological progress in the area where modern biotechnology can potentially serve to address the abovementioned concerns in a way that overweighs the risks associated with the technology itself.
Therefore, the risk of treatment overweighs the benefits and it should not be used for the prevention of CHD alone8.