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We assume probability of positive surprises currently overweighs.
It is believed that this confinement effect overweighs the nucleation effect, thereby slowing down the overall crystallization rate.
There can be no balance left as the destruction overweighs against the health of the earth as a whole.
The strength of the story overweighs this weakness, however, and this strength is in the character of Cassie, a brilliant young teenager who is the object of scorn and bullying in her middle school.
They pay much attention to the design of stands and the cost overweighs that of renting space.
But in "Einstein" personal experience overweighs the structure of the poem and occupies the foreground so intensively that the pattern of the whole of Relativity is obscured and perhaps damaged.
Recall from Table 2 that an average foreign fund overweighs Europe and Pacific but underweighs Japan substantially in 1997.
The crowding out effect overweighs the disciplining effect: dE/dM |is less than~ 0, and M* |is less than~ |M.
Experts say the speech was fully "Modi-fied" and the government's social commitment overweighs its economic reforms agenda.
What one has to look at is - which side overweighs the other.