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In male-dominated occupations, overwork was more likely than in balanced fields or female-dominated fields, the study found.
Employers or director supervisors may even face criminal responsibility for overwork deaths.
The decision by the Kyoto District Court was the first to find the top management of a major business corporation liable to pay damages in a suit involving the death from overwork of an employee, said lawyer Tadashi Matsumaru, the plaintiffs' legal agent and a member of a group of lawyers involved in such suits.
This month, a former Mazda worker's parents filed a lawsuit against the automaker claiming that harassment and overwork had pushed their 25-year-old son to suicide.
He argues that the flaw places unreasonable and unsustainable demands on the environment, indeed that overwork and environmental degradation reinforce each other over time, leading society ever further from the optimum.
A symposium on overwork and time poverty in America will be held in Eugene on Thursday, as part of the national Take Back Your Time Day.
Free time not just through the ancient practice of the Sabbath but also through new ways, appropriate to an industrial/ informational economy, of pausing from overwork and overstress.
A victim of overwork, he is now in a coma and lies helplessly in a hospital bed in a small town north of Tokyo.
The Free Time/Free People Campaign calls on spiritual communities to undertake efforts which affirm our religious obligation to change the present patterns of overwork.
Media reports in Japan that Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi fell critically due to overwork gained prominent attention in Singapore, with the English daily expressing ''shock'' in a headline Tuesday.
But strain could be applied to the nerves as well, when overwork or excessive worry permanently depleted resources and damaged the body--writings in this vein began in the 1850s (though English work on debilitation, first directed against luxury and wealth, dated back to the early 18th century).