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Then they said, "No they did not believe it," and she admitted that an overworked clerk may save his soul in the superterrestrial sense, where the effort will be taken for the deed, but she denied that he will ever explore the spiritual resources of this world, will ever know the rarer joys of the body, or attain to clear and passionate intercourse with his fellows.
Everything was bolted and barred that could by possibility furnish relief to an overworked people.
Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative
The convergence of post-financial crisis restructuring and the rise of the smartphone means that many professionals are always on and, therefore, overworked and overwhelmed.
The Memento actor, 46, who played Mike Young in the wholesome teen soap, says: "There was no conscious reason to my all-day, everyday pot smoking other than I was overworked and thought being high was great fun.
READING v WEST HAM TODAY, 3PM REFEREES struggle to officiate at their best during the festive period as they are overworked, reckons West Ham manager Sam Allardyce.
Companies who have overworked employees may well see a downturn in the effectiveness of the work provided, due to the points made previously.
OH please, you have to be joking: the Scottish sulker Andy Murray is threatening to go on strike over being overworked playing tennis (Daily Post, September 20).
Having recently had a baby at the hospital I know how understaffed and overworked they are.
Robert Patrick is Jess' overworked, inattentive father, who has more practical hopes for a son who spends hours sketching imaginary creatures and places.
This is a snapshot of life in an overworked police station in an overworked city.
The "few" to whom he was referring were the outnumbered, overworked, heroic pilots of the Royal Air Force (RAF) who were holding the vaunted German Luftwaffe at bay.