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The nurses and paramedics we did have were so exhausted and overworked that some would fall asleep on shift.
Scott Eblin, executive coach, speaker, and author, has written a book that express how so many people feel: Overworked and Overwhelmed.
In Overworked and Overwhelmed, executive coach and leadership educator Scott Eblin offers another path.
It's probably because they are overworked and they are fatigued.
This multi-millionaire should get a proper job, then perhaps he may know what overworked is.
Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital announced that it will cease performing abortions because their obstetrics department is overworked and understaffed.
If pastoral workers with families to support are consistently overworked and underpaid, have little or no job security during their working years, and end up in retirement with a meager pension and no health care, is this just?
Feeling stressed or overworked also can impact the health of our studios.
The Badlands image may be a bit overworked, but O'Hara-Devereaux brings in a lot of global data and examples to illuminate what she sees as key issues and challenges.
Dancers' Feet ere constantly mistreated and overworked.
A survey by the Families and Work Institute found that 28 percent of employees felt overworked often or very often in the past three months, while 54 percent felt overworked at least a few times in the same period.
If not addressed, a forwardly tilted pelvis can become the foundation for misaligned joints including the spine, lower and upper extremities, and can lead to overworked quadriceps and premature fatigue during a race.