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Images that would likely be overwrought as a movie, are grounded by Choi's straightforward, well-paced drawing.
I like Setanta's football coverage but Burley became so overwrought in an argument with Poll about Habib Beye's tackle on Robinho he made The Thing from Tring look like Solomon the Wise.
Run Baby Run was ruined both by vocal acrobatics and a cringingly overwrought lead guitar solo.
It doesn't always work (Blow It All Away was probably all right on the night but sounds overwrought in the cold light of day) but a caring cover of Pretenders hit I Go To Sleep is worth the ticket alone.
Now that "Tears" has finally washed up on these shores, it's safe to say that the movie will be best appreciated by film geeks and those who find overwrought style to be giddy fun.
Rowling says on her website: "I am alternately elated and overwrought.
Overwrought glial cells induce neurons to transmit or maintain pain messages even when the initiating stimulus is no longer present.
On the flip side Jason and deMarco can veer toward overwrought and bombastic, such as on "I Found the Number.
The prose makes it seem even longer, strewn with complex sentences, rambling paragraphs, and overwrought words like proformativity, scopic, hideosity, mediatisation, alterity, and affordances.
CID Commander Adam Dalgliesh has been called to Combe Island, a secure government retreat for overwrought officials and visiting dignitaries.