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By overzealously curtailing the range of Adam's inquiry, Raphael contributes to his pupil's downfall by stifling his ability freely to explore the created order via his God-given reason, the angel functioning, in the process, in a manner akin to that of the licensors against which Areopagitica argues.
What is more sadly shocking is when a very incompetent White person survives in a department that tries overzealously to get rid of a competent racially or culturally different person.
litigation, rather than an executive that has overzealously invoked
Stewart accepts blame for the omission, but faulted the fire marshal's office for overzealously enforcing rules developed in secret.
261) Legal scholars and social scientists have even shown how workplace protections against wrongful discharge are so widely recognized that many employers overzealously guard themselves against liability when they terminate employees.
He overzealously emptied half of it on a small rag attached to a string, which he dragged to his stand before sunrise.
During my first year looking after bees (I can't call myself a bee keeper) a similar thing happened, and I overzealously removed all the Queen cells, leaving my hive Queen-less.
From being branded radioactive, a liability, a pariah, the best put-down came from overzealously shadowy CIA figure Dar Adal (F.
A critic in the 31 January 1883 edition of the Chicago Tribune overzealously claimed that hers was the first performance of this work in Chicago.
The president of the Tribunal de Apelaciones de Managua Gerardo Rodriguez acknowledged that the Complejo Judicial security guards acted overzealously in handling the situation--particularly in their treatment of Manuel Esquivel--and promised to investigate the matter.
Experience with alternative private-enforcement regimes highlights potential excesses of patent law's private enforcers, whether in the form of privateers mistakenly or deliberately preying on neutral shipping (378) or in the form of qui tam plaintiffs overzealously enforcing rules against patent false marking (379) or working on Sundays.
The directive, however, was apparently implemented by certain officials overzealously.