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For the humanistic vision, I think it is important to remember that the RCT can be a powerful tool that can help the field; RCTs should not be overzealously dispensed with entirely (Sexton, Kinser, & Hanes, 2008; Wampold & Bhati, 2004; Westen, Novotny, Thompson-Brenner, 2005).
One who dove in and overzealously pursued a river otter, beaver, duck, or goose could easily drown in the river.
If, however, they are applied overzealously to difficult circumstances, they will, first, impede a nation's defense of its own interests and, afterward, be jettisoned as irrelevant to the real world.
Used overzealously and indiscriminately, they can create more problems than they solve - attracting unprofitable one-off sales and fickle customers.
Rwanda may have erred in overzealously prosecuting Ingabire,
Then again, that's the same ABC that overzealously committed $10,000 to a woman allegedly giving Botox to her child, in what she subsequently claimed was a for-money hoax.
Enterprises have access to their customers' interests, passions, friends, family, and even minute-by-minute thoughts in some overzealously update-conscious cases.
96) Hopefully many of these motions will be valid for fixing technical errors in the judgment, but attorneys likely will file a great number automatically, though perhaps overzealously, to preserve all possible issues for appeal.
Plan administrators have the legal right to manage the benefit, but it's being overzealously and unfairly applied, she said.
In doing so, he provides a valuable lesson in objectivity as he deals with a process that has been both overzealously celebrated and begrudgingly denied.
Adding back capability or capacity that has been precipitously and/or overzealously cut almost always comes at a greater cost--and greater management effort--than accomplishing the original reductions.