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Elijah defeated the prophets of Ba'al in his contest, notes Koyama, but then in his overzealousness for the LORD he had the 450 prophets of Ba'al slaughtered.
Regulators are going to have more data than ever before, and all the data could create an overzealousness.
But did US oversight and overzealousness justify Diefenbaker's paranoia?
And Wilder fans take heart: Niven's scrupulous details--notwithstanding her overzealousness to protect Wilder's privacy--make this biography the one on record for the foreseeable future.
They are either designed with too much attention on convenience, or they are designed with a similar overzealousness to defeat tampering.
Exposed to the plight of indigent defendants facing criminal charges and to prosecutorial overzealousness, Foltz advanced the idea of a public defender equal in stature to the public prosecutor.
Fannie and Freddie, in order to protect themselves from the overzealousness of the banks, implemented their own restrictions about the creditworthiness of borrowers, thus keeping the banks honest in their lending; however, even these restrictions were no match for congressional hegemony.
I've explained that it was overzealousness, not depression, that led to my ingestion of an admittedly too large dose of OxyContin, but Gustavo lust laughed at my explanation.
Our overzealousness and media frenzy is costing us too much.
64) The overzealousness of the military engineers coupled with the sluggish bureaucracy of French local authorities helps explain why most of the escaping civilians brought very little luggage, as there had been no warning issued.
There are times when Treasury and the Service yield to overzealousness or to intransigence.
Hyten said she is willing, at least for now, to take an attitude that the new provision is the result of overzealousness or clumsy wording and that state officials will be amenable to making changes.