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Each of these three studies showed an increase in knee laxity in the immediate pre-ovulatory and ovulatory phases of the menstrual cycle.
Early follicular phase was calculated as the 4th day of the present cycle; ovulatory phase was calculated 14 days prior to the onset of next cycle, luteal phase as the period after ovulation to the next menstruation.
The surge of estrogen noted prior to and during the ovulatory phase assisted Wojtys, Huston, Lindenfield, Hewett, & Greenfield (1998) in establishing an association between the hormone and the increase of ACL injuries in female athletes with previous non-contact ACL injuries.
Ruedl et al (MSS = 23/39) (12), Adachi et al (MSS = 22) (13), Wojtys et al (MSS = 17) (14) and Park-b et al (MSS = 13) (15) all reported increased knee laxity during the ovulatory phase and Beynnon et al (MSS = 30) (16) reported increased knee laxity during the pre-ovulatory phase (compared to post-ovulatory phase).
The ovulatory phase is between the 10th and the 14th day, and the luteal phase is from the 15th day until the end of the cycle.
All self-report measures showed changes related to cycle phase with significantly less symptomatology levels during the ovulatory phase (STAI-S: F (2, 96)= 6.
11) Interestingly, as a byproduct of the study, the researchers also discovered disturbances during the ovulatory phase of the patients studied, with the main observation being the increase of mucosal production leading to an increase in the throat-clearing activity of the voice professionals.