owe money

See: overdraw
References in classic literature ?
Don't doubt it, that's how it is; you have sold your soul, and what is more you owe money, so you daren't say a word.
I know if I owe money to one man, I've no right to give it to another.
Nearly four in 10 (38%) of those expecting to retire this year with debt still owe money on property, up from 33% last year.
MORE PEOPLE WITH PROBLEM DEBT OWE CASH TO LOVED ONES THE number of people struggling with debt who owe money to friends and family is rising rapidly, a charity has warned.
Just more than half (51%) of people retiring in debt this year owe money on their plastic - while one in three (33%) have yet to fully clear their mortgage debt.
Currently those convicted of wrongdoing are prevented from leaving Bahrain, even after completing a prison sentence, if they owe money - meaning many end up stranded here without work.
More in the region owe money on a personal loan - 27 per cent compared to the UK average 24 per cent.
If companies owe money to Kirklees Council they actually owe money to the people.
Countries don't owe money to each other, countries owe money to banks.
Debt among the 14 per cent of households that owe money has increased by PS5 on last year, despite the mild winter, following a series of price hikes, the poll by uSwitch found.
Asked on whether it was possible to suspend legal action against people who owe money to agencies like the inland revenue department, Votsis said it would not be easy.
For years the politicians have promised to reform the justice system to ensure those who owe money are not imprisoned.