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Topstaff Employment Glasgow, owed PS3355 to 20 workers.
3m is owed through committed instalments by a number of late payers," he said.
For every citizen of Pakistan, the Islamabad government owed $822.
And Simon Rogan is owed PS3,048 for a private dinner.
You can send the bailiffs around and take the money out of the cash register, which you can do, or you can seek to divert money owed to that business.
The sportswear group, which owed PS210m to unsecured creditors, went into administration last month, leading to 133 stores closing and the loss of 2,200 jobs.
An Offer in Compromise (Form 656) is an agreement with the IRS that lets you resolve your tax bill for less than you owe; the general rule is at least 14% of the amount owed must be paid.
But the differences stem from interpretations of Proposition 98, and whether funds that were suspended in one year should be included in the ongoing calculation of the base amount of what is owed in future years.
In North Tyneside there were 46 evictions due to rent arrears and the authority is owed pounds 3,819, 776 in rent.
He reasons that this money is no longer a tax liability but merely a debt owed the IRS, as if he had been found liable to the Service on a tort claim.
JJB Sports reportedly collapsed leaving PS210m to unsecured creditors, including PS600,000 owed to the Football Association of Wales (FAW).