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1Meanwhile, 1Lincolnshire Police revealed they are investigating Palmer after claims he owes one firm thousands of pounds.
Despite its bluntly allusive title, All About My Mother owes one of its main themes instead to Streetcar.
Ezrati noted, "that, where a taxpayer owes one amount to the government and the government owes an offsetting amount to the taxpayer, interest should be imposed only on the net amount of the over- or under-payment." The letter continues, stating that, "when implemented, the proposal will recalibrate the balance between taxpayers and the government in respect of the proper measure of interest on tax re-assessments and thereby foster taxpayer confidence in the equity and fairness of the corporate income tax system." The letter adds that, while salutary, the budget proposal does not entirely address inequitable features of the interest assessment regime, including an anomalous situation posed during the 1997 TEI-Department of Finance annual liaison meeting agenda.
When Crossley walks out to face Klinsmann and his Bayern buddiesin Munich's Olympic Stadium on Wednesday he won't forget that he owes one man everything for saving his career.
Pauling, champion of the medicinal properties of vitamin C, owes one of his earlier insights to, of all things, a cold.