own recognizance

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own recognizance (O.R.)

n. the basis for a judge allowing a person accused of a crime to be free while awaiting trial, without posting bail, on the defendant's own promise to appear and his/her reputation. The judge may consider the seriousness of the crime charged, the likelihood the defendant will always appear, the length of time the person has lived in the area, his/her reputation in the community, his/her employment, financial burdens, and the demeanor of the accused. In minor crimes, traffic offenses, and technical law violations such as leaky septic systems, judges routinely grant release on one's own recognizance. (See: O.R., bail)

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The suspect, General Director of this group of companies, has been charged with the alleged crime and the preventive measure in the form of a subscription on his own recognizance on not leaving Moscow and the Moscow Region.
During the current surge in immigration in South Texas, it has been common for the Border Patrol to release people on their own recognizance, with notices to appear in court later.
Bail was widely admired as a progressive institution when the alternative was jail, but in the 1950s and '60s many judges and law professors began to think that the alternative to bail should be release on a defendant's own recognizance.
He was arrested and released on own recognizance, with orders to appear in court Wednesday at Carbon.
He was released on his own recognizance, and arraigned the following morning, according to Detective Sergeant Christopher Anderson of the East Hampton Town Police, who did not know the date of DePersia's next court appearance.
He was released on his own recognizance pending a future court hearing.
Maslovar, who was released on his own recognizance, did not immediately return a phone message left at his home.
At the police station where they were held after their arrest, a sergeant advised the women they could either pay $500 bail or be released on their own recognizance providing they never set foot on Kroger premises again.
citizen, for example--may be released on their own recognizance or not charged at all.
The nuns declined to be released on their own recognizance because they would have had to agree to avoid demonstrations.
The inmate was released on his own recognizance, "probably because of his condition--though the record does not make this clear.