own recognizance

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own recognizance (O.R.)

n. the basis for a judge allowing a person accused of a crime to be free while awaiting trial, without posting bail, on the defendant's own promise to appear and his/her reputation. The judge may consider the seriousness of the crime charged, the likelihood the defendant will always appear, the length of time the person has lived in the area, his/her reputation in the community, his/her employment, financial burdens, and the demeanor of the accused. In minor crimes, traffic offenses, and technical law violations such as leaky septic systems, judges routinely grant release on one's own recognizance. (See: O.R., bail)

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The Dushanbe Police Directorate notes that the bloggers have been released immediately on their own recognizance. 'The Dushanbe prosecutor's office is investigating their case and establishing the circumstances.
"The problem with this is it elevates that requirement (to free suspects on own recognizance bonds) to those who probably shouldn't get OR, those who would jeopardize public safety," said Rep.
Forts entered a not-guilty plea Tuesday and was released by Judge Janet Kenton-Walker on his own recognizance. The judge ordered Mr.
immigration system, dispatching Vice President Joe Biden to the region to warn against the perils of the trip and announcing that it will start to detain families at the border instead of releasing them on their own recognizance, according to AP.
Al-Saiha editor in chief Yasser Mahjoub was arrested before being released later on his own recognizance. The prosecution said he found many published and unpublished documents adding that investigation will continue in response to NISS complaint.
"Calabrese was released on his own recognizance for purposes of minimizing impact to airline operations," the report stated.
Shoffner, 68, was released on her own recognizance but ordered to surrender her passport.
By:nes was released by Chief New York County Judge Neil Ross on her own recognizance because, Ross said, he did not believe her to be a flight risk.
The victim was finally released on his own recognizance and called the real cops.
Oneisy requested the death penalty for two fugitives, Joseph Ibrahim Zouqi and Tohme Ibrahim Zouqi, and Walid Edward Zouqi, who had been released on his own recognizance.