owner of lands

See: landlord
References in classic literature ?
Daylight knew also his history, the prime old American stock from which he had descended, his own war record, the John Dowsett before him who had been one of the banking buttresses of the Cause of the Union, the Commodore Dowsett of the War of 1812 the General Dowsett of Revolutionary fame, and that first far Dowsett, owner of lands and slaves in early New England.
Cohoon Engineering Limited, on behalf of Paul Stigter, owner of lands 24 River Rd.
Algeria said it will open the borders provided that arms and weapons smuggling is stopped, joint security measures are set up, Algerians owner of lands in Morocco are compensated.
Approval was granted for application A15/12/AE from Randy Rive, owner of lands on east side of Kitson Road, Brantford township.
Approval was granted for application B24/13/RA Snodgrass Consulting for Frank Kertesz on behalf of Anne Kertesz, owner of lands at 299 Bishopsgate Rd.
H Cohoon Engineering Limited on behalf of William Sharp, owner of lands on the south side of McLean School Road, South Dumfries township.
Approval was granted for application ZBA6/12/MD from Snodgrass Consulting Services Limited, agent for John Maas, owner of lands at 745 Highway #54, onondaga township, to modify the present Village Residential (VR) zone to permit the retailing and minor repairs of up to six vehicles at any one time
Application B9/12/SS from Dryden, Smith and Head Planning Consultants agent for Triggers and Bows, applicant for Karyn Spierenburg, owner of lands described at 1318 Colborne St.