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Kundi et al.9 reported that thiol disulfide homeostasis, which is an indicator of oxidative stress, was associated with CSF.
The current study revealed significantly increased (p<0.001) 8-isoprostane (a byproduct of lipid peroxidation) levels in cisplatin group as compared to the control which is suggestive of development of oxidative stress in group II.
In vitro, culture conditions create a suboptimal environment for mouse preimplantation embryos (Ecker et al., 2004), which are extremely susceptible to oxidative stress. Cultured embryos, whose defense mechanisms are insufficient, tend to arrest during development (Qiu et al., 2003).
In the second trimester, the levels of the lipid peroxidation parameter, MDA, were increased significantly in GDM subjects compared to uncomplicated antenatal subjects which confirms that hyperglycemia favors lipid peroxidation and causes oxidative stress. The present study showed higher uric acid levels in the second trimester in GDM subjects compared to controls, suggesting an adaptive response to combat oxidative stress.
To study the comparison between oxidative stress with telomere dysfunction in patients of hypertension.
(19), it was demonstrated that oxidative stress occurs in the initial period of the disease.
"Dietary strategies are among the most effective options for protecting the brain from the impact of chronic oxidative stress," says Dr.
Opresko and her team are now beginning to further explore the consequences of oxidative stress on telomeres using a novel photosensitizer, developed by Marcel Bruchez at Carnegie Mellon University that produces oxidative damage selectively in telomeres.
No statistically significant difference was noticed between the means of oxidative stress parameters (TTM, TAC and CAT) in plasma, saliva and umbilical cord samples in two groups (P> 0.05).
Among the scenario of infection diagnosis, an emerging role has been recently described for oxidative stress (OS) evaluation [9, 10].
In T2D, the pathogenic effect of high glucose, possibly accompanied with excessive amount of fatty acids in the case of obesity, is exhibited to a significant extent via imbalanced redox status, through the increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species which results in oxidative stress. Numerous studies observed elevated levels of oxidative stress markers in patients with T2D [4, 5].