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To study the responsiveness of TFEB to oxidative stress, we cloned the human TFEB promoter (1986 bp fragment upstream of the TFEB gene) and various fragments into the PGL3-basic luciferase reporter construct.
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Keywords: Oxidative stress index, Hyperlipidaemia, Young adult.
Without the Cav-1 protein, researchers found that oxidative stress in cancer associated fibroblasts leads to mitochondrial dysfunction in stromal fibroblasts.
The purpose of the present study was to examine racial differences between African American and Caucasian adults in the time-course oxidative stress responses to an acute exercise bout.
Getting regular aerobic exercise (ideally, 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week) may be one way to shield your body and brain from oxidative stress (although some research suggests that too much exercise may actually cause oxidative stress).
The research team took blood samples to compare oxidative stress levels in people with coronary heart disease, people with type-two diabetes and healthy control subjects.
The relative strength of the association of inflammation and oxidative stress markers with AF remains unclear.
According to Professor Philippe Humbert, MD, the lead researcher, "This study confirms the effectiveness of GliSODin in the prevention of the consequences of oxidative stress resulting from exposure to the sun.
In Iong term exercise training, the acute exercise-induced increase in oxidative stress may be counter-regulated by nitric oxide-dependent vascular remodeling process leading to an increased vessel caliber and a structural normalization (14-15).
Experiments in cultured cells and in knockout mice have hinted that DJ-1 mutations may sensitize cells to the harmful effects of oxidative stress.