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Thus, assuming adequate macrovascular and microvascular circulation, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is theoretically capable of meeting resting tissue oxygen extraction requirements, regardless of a patient's hemoglobin level (34).
Simultaneously with the increase of coronary flow, the same extract doses induced reduction of oxygen extraction in the heart, by 3 [+ or -] 1, 11 [+ or -] 2, 27 [+ or -] 2 and 34 [+ or 4% from the control value, respectively (Fig.
While there was no impact on heart rate or contractility, coronary flow increased by up to 45%, with a simultaneous 34% decrease in oxygen extraction.
In addition, the high level of tissue oxygen extraction in trained subjects might play an important role in the decrease in oxygen availability for the muscles under acute hypoxia.
These adaptations include increases in the concentration of skeletal muscle oxidative enzymes (2,4,5) and improved oxygen extraction by the skeletal muscles.
Shunt fraction, blood oxygen content and oxygen extraction ratio were calculated using different equations.