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[French, Hear ye.] A word used in some courts by the public crier to indicate that a proclamation is about to be made and to command attention to it.


‘hear ye’. Listen up. Here comes the judge.

OYEZ, practice. Hear; do you hear. In order to attract attention immediately before he makes proclamation, the cryer of the court cries Oyez, Oyez, which is generally corruptly pronounced O yes.

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Despues de tantas horas de caminar sin encontrar ni una sombra de arbol, ni una semilla de arbol, ni una raiz de nada, se oye el ladrar de los perros .
Por ultimo, en "No oyes ladrar los perros", un padre traslada en hombros a su hijo herido a otro pueblo en busca de ayuda medica, a pesar de renegar de el por sus fechorias: "Todo esto que hago, no lo hago por usted.
Complacencyl ookst heb iggest danger but D avid M oyes should ensure theyd o enought o beatan out-of-form Wigan outfit.
And if the company says yes, then the traveler has to opt in, to say, OYes, I want my phone to be location-aware,OO says Daniel.
Evert on manager David M oyes POST Moyes: Baines brings international class to Everton DAVID MOYES says Leighton Baines has brought international class to Everton.
De acuerdo con el diccionario, oir es percibir con el oido los sonidos; sin embargo, no hay nada como verlo inserto en expresiones coloquiales como las de arriba y saber que el habla puede convertir un verbo en un apelativo, que es el caso de oyes, o bien, en un verbo incluyente o imperativo, como en oi y oilo.
M oyes can quite rightly point to Tim Cahill missing the best chance of the first half as evidence that his own tactical plan could have come off.
M oyes, who insists his side "are getting better and better" as their season reaches its climax, said: "It is good for us that we have so many match-winners on the pitch.
oYes, we have everything from rats and cats to rabbits, tarantulas and tigers here.
She responded curtly oyes, you submitted 50 questions to me but I assume you do not want me to act like a schoolgirl answering the EPP's test.
Experiencias especiales de triunfo fueron el mejor oyes del dia a cargo de Miguel Angel Arenas, director comercial de PS Comunicaciones, quien con tiro de acercamiento a la bandera del hoyo 4, a 1.
oYes there are people here from other countries, it is not their fault they have been moved here.