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[French, Hear ye.] A word used in some courts by the public crier to indicate that a proclamation is about to be made and to command attention to it.


‘hear ye’. Listen up. Here comes the judge.

OYEZ, practice. Hear; do you hear. In order to attract attention immediately before he makes proclamation, the cryer of the court cries Oyez, Oyez, which is generally corruptly pronounced O yes.

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oYes there are people here from other countries, it is not their fault they have been moved here.
Although the couple made a pact not to discuss their friendship, Anne-Marie confirmed their on-screen chemistry had carried over into real life, saying: OYes, itOs true.
desde donde no oyes a los tuyos deglutir tu muerte y
En cualquier nivel social tu oyes, <<Fulano, ve donde(2) ese medico, que es un caballo.
eCipher uses public key cryptography to secure your e-mail, and its encryption is top-notch--256-bit AES and 2,048-bit RSA encryptionO eCipher Pro lets you send secure email to any recipient, without ever having to think about the sophisticated mechanisms that make it possible OYes, eCipher Pro is very straightforward and simple to use.
It makes you wonder why ex-Blues s David id id Moy oyes es es is boss David Moyes is bidding squillions for that wild-haired crab of a teammate when he could get Barkley much cheaper.
oYes,o the tall quiet one with the steely stare says.
on oyes withdrew his goalscorer and threw on ng and within six minutes the 20-year-old netted the FA Cup winner against Liverpool last season had added another high-profile strike to his collection, sliding in to net from a Pienaar left-wing cross after the South African had played a clever one-two with Donovan.
Ven entonces si puedes, si estas vivo y me oyes acude a tiempo, corre con tu agrio humor y tu esperanza --cojo mas no del lado de la vida-- si eres el mismo de otras veces.
The culmination of this is that David oyes is going into a run of five games which could conceivably have seen us at the top of the table going into the first Merseyside derby of the season, with a team which virtually picks itself.
oYes, because theyAEre one of those things that people rarely buy for themselves.