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[French, Hear ye.] A word used in some courts by the public crier to indicate that a proclamation is about to be made and to command attention to it.


‘hear ye’. Listen up. Here comes the judge.

OYEZ, practice. Hear; do you hear. In order to attract attention immediately before he makes proclamation, the cryer of the court cries Oyez, Oyez, which is generally corruptly pronounced O yes.

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Birmingham based telecommunications firm LegalTXhas signed a new deal with part of the Oyez Straker Group, the UK's leading independent office supplies and services company.
It was replaced by the live scene of the Marshal intoning the traditional oyez.
Oyez 1975 (out of print); Windows and Stones, May Swenson, trans.
the same weathered still almost inattentive faces and the same faded clean cotton shirts and pants and dresses but no crowd now waiting for the curtain to rise on a stage's illusion but rather the one in the courtroom waiting for the sheriff 's officer to cry Oyez Oyez Oyez This honorable court; not even impatient because the moment had not even come yet to sit in judgment not on Lucas Beauchamp, they had already condemned him but on Beat Four, come not to see what they called justice done nor even retribution exacted but to see that Beat Four should not fail its white man's high estate.
also received a Guggenheim, among other significant awards; was published--somewhat more complexly--by Evergreen, Jargon, City Lights, Scribners, Oyez, Fulcrum, and New Directions, among others.
Laronde and David Oyez, artistic director of Buddies in Bad Times, introduced Beyer to her first Canadian audience.
Another odds-on shot, Brutto Facie, was all the rage for the opening novice hurdle but he was struggling after the third-last, and the race went to Oyez, in the hands of Timmy Murphy.
Sessions of the Supreme Court begin with the marshal saying, "Oyez, oyez, God save the United States and this Honorable Court.
OYEZ is napped for a winning start in the Pierse Contracting Novice Hurdle at Cork today.
com, for Konica Photo Imaging; Michelle Frenkel of Oyez Communications, +1-602-522-2767, michelle@oyezcommunications.
Indeed, "Laissez la verde couleur" was a favorite in the recueils well into the 1580s where it inspired numerous lyrics upon its timbre: "Dames qui au plaisant son," chanson sur la complaincte tie Sainte Susane quand elle fit a mort condamnee; "Las quelle fille je suis;" "Or oyez files oyez," chanson nouvelle d'une jeune fille [qui] pour avoir p rins son charnel desira mis a mort son premier fruict; "Un temps fut que je voulus," Le chant tie l'inconstant sur la deploration de Venus par Jacques Moysson; and "Fillez qui aymez honneur," chanson lamen tabk d'une fille tie Dijon contiamnee a mart par son pere.
It did not even include all of the external partners, such as the Chicago Historical Society (which is contributing sound files, particularly its collection of Studs Terkel tapes) and Northwestern University (which has the "Oyez Oyez Oyez" [http:// oyez.