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There is an acute angle between the CS ostium and the tricuspid valve, which complicates pacemaker lead implantation; therefore, the ventricular lead should be looped in the RA to enter the right ventricle.
Transvenous extraction of pacemaker leads in infective endocarditis with vegetations [mayor que o igual a] 20 mm: our experience.
Successful treatment by balloon venoplasty and stent insertion of obstruction of the superior vena cava by an endocardial pacemaker lead.
There are reports in the literature about removal of infected pacemaker lead both by percutaneous and surgical methods.
Polyurethanes are used as biomaterials for a variety of applications (1) such as pacemaker lead insulators, catheters, total artificial heart, heart valves.
Only the tip of the pacemaker lead remained fixed in the myocardium, and surgical removal involving extracorporal circulation was not attempted.
Magovern, who has been working on the concept for 10 years, became interested in the ability of other muscles to take on the duties of the heart after seeing a patient whose pacemaker lead had shifted so that it butted up against the chest muscle instead of the heart.
Some of the cardiovascular devices manufactured by Sandvik in India include pacemaker lead wires.
I had valve surgery six years ago and am concerned that the pacemaker lead may have been damaged during surgery.
Klinigimizde pacemaker lead implantasyonu amaci ile klasik lokalizasyonlar kullanilmakta olup (sag atriyal apendiks ve sag ventrikul apeksi), olgularm cok buyuk bir cogunlugunda pasif fiksasyonlu lead'ler tercih edilmistir.