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At the time of the loss of Andalusia, the Muslims were compensated by the second invasion of Europe, this time from the southeast, when the Ottoman Empire, in a second wave of conquest into Europe in the 15th century, triumphantly pushed into the Balkans, subjugating and Islamizing some of its peoples--more often violently and brutally than gently and pacifically, as they claimed and liked to believe.
American labor militants--a few of whom were terrorists--gradually won major concessions, first in wages and then organizational rights and later in benefits, and came to struggle pacifically and successfully in recent decades.
Pacifically, on the Island of Hope, life is significant, valued and celebrated.
Over the last ten to twenty years, the world's state system has managed a number of grand adjustments gracefully and pacifically, including the disintegration of the Soviet empire, the unification of Germany, the blossoming of India and the enlargement of NATO.
The chief exception is the egregious American bookselling buccaneer Dr Jacob Schwartz, whom Rota describes pacifically as "colourful" (44).
I do not believe that peace either ought to be or will be permanent on this globe, unless the states, pacifically organized, preserve some of the old elements of army-discipline.
He is pacifically inclined and I think he would surprise a great many people by his prudence and patience -- particularly those who judge Him entirely by the occasional outbursts in which indulges.
In spite of the importance of the dove as a symbol of peace, it has not featured very much in associations, other than the recent lexicalizations of the terms for 'dove' and 'hawk' (or, more frequently, 'falcon') to denote, on the one hand, pacifically inclined leaders, and on the other, those who adopt an aggressive stance: dove ~ hawk, colombe ~ faucon, Taube ~ Habicht, paloma ~ halcon, colomba ~ falco.
Menand's account appears to leave us three choices: 1) we can eagerly slaughter each other in an uncompromising and self-righteous spirit of ideological fanaticism (his view of both John Brown and the Southern firebrands); 2) we can resolutely kill and be killed with full awareness that our differences are, from the point of view of human reason, utterly groundless (Holmes); or 3) we can opt out pacifically while, for example, Hitler liquidates European Jewry and embarks on a project of world domination (Dewey).
I would have forcibly prevented my loader from firing at soldiers huddled pacifically on the ground.
If, as Urs D[ddot{u}]rm[ddot{u}]ller, Professor of Sociology at Berne University, has noted in his study on the evolution of Swiss multilingualism, a language is also the most prominent outward expression of a culture, then four cultural groups have surprisingly managed to co-exist pacifically in Switzerland.
In fact, two of Italy's four centralized wage agreements (1984 and 1992) met with internal dissent and rank-and-file mobilization, while the other two (1983 and 1993) were more or less pacifically implemented.