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Pacifically inclined and well-intentioned though he might have been, his personality was ultimately flawed.
If, as Urs D[ddot{u}]rm[ddot{u}]ller, Professor of Sociology at Berne University, has noted in his study on the evolution of Swiss multilingualism, a language is also the most prominent outward expression of a culture, then four cultural groups have surprisingly managed to co-exist pacifically in Switzerland.
There is apparently message to decode, no irony to tolerate, no argument to wrestle; instead you are pacifically absorbed in the act of visual perception, caught up in a rhythmic passage through space.
Was he, wonders Scott Winokur, angling pacifically for the Nobel Prize?
There is something truly exemplary about such poems as we see the poet wryly and by no means pacifically offering herself as an object lesson.
The persona Mill created for himself is, of course, a main character in these fictive worlds of Utilitarianism, and Eugene August has already pointed out how that persona--"so pacifically rational, so temperately earnest"--helped Mill to represent himself as the spokesman for a more lofty kind of Utilitarianism (John Stuart Mill 170).
For inexpensive food, try Pacifically Fish(18), a long narrow hole in the wall that gives you grilled mahi mahi with salad for $4.
While the demonstrators were pacifically going to the apartheid wall to call for the rights of Palestinians to live freely and get back to their occupied land.
With their debut album Pacifically due to launch officially at tomorrow night's Retro Revival Club at Sweeney's on Dame Street, The Beat caught up with the band's Nick and Sean to discuss influences, attire and working with White Stripes' producer Jim Diamond.